Saturday, August 22, 2009

Unexpected Blessing

Wednesday I got a huge friends Wendy and Pam threw me a baby shower!!!! I was overwhelmed to say the least......

Yes, I started crying right then and there. I couldn't believe it. Let me set it up for you. I was thinking I was going to a girls' before school starts get together. Pam mentioned to me back in May that she would like to have one during the summer. So why would I think anything when she asked me. I asked her the night before if I could bring anything---so I actually brought brownies : )

I walked through the door and there was 12 ladies there singing to me "Rock-a-bye baby"----cue waterworks. I looked around and couldn't believe it. They were there to help me celebrate the birth of our 6th child. Wendy came over and put a button on me and Pam asked Chris if I was alright (all this while cameras were going off). I walked around for a good 10-15 minutes in a daze, taking it all in.


Yummy food

We had games, food, presents and dessert. Knowing my love of chocolate, they gave me a chocolate buffet of desserts (plus one fruit dessert for good measure). There was chocolate cupcakes, a chocolate frozen pie, a chocolate truffle, and fresh fruit salad. The favors were even chocolate!! Do these ladies know me or what : )-

Chris showing off my belly

Emily taking a break from all the action.

The girls stayed with me during the shower. They were a HUGE help.
Here Jessie is helping me open the baby swing my Mom got me.

Emily started getting really into it.
She started taking things out of the bag before me
and showing the stuff off.

Emily's favorite card.
It played "I'm so Excited".

The Ladies of my family.
from L to R
Jessie, Me, Emily, my niece Laura, my sister Glenda and my Mom

Me and Laura comparing bellies. She is due 23 days before me.
She is due on Sept. 3rd
Boy has she sprouted!!!
I am having Nicholas and she is having Nathan.

The Ladies who did this for me---Wendy and Pam.

I feel truly blessed and honored that Wendy and Pam would take the time out of their busy lives to do this for me and my family.

Thank you....I love you both : )

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mattswife1990 said...

What a sweet surprise! It looks like everyone had a great time!

Amy :)