Friday, August 14, 2009

CJ's Big Day!!!!!

CJ's Birthday was Wednesday and what great day it was!!!!
My day started off at 2 am. I woke up and went down stairs. At exactly 2:19 am---the time CJ was born at---I jumped onto CJ's bed and started singing Happy Birthday!

I went back to bed after that and we all woke up to VANDALISM!!! Look what happened to our Suv..........

Isn't it AWESOME!!! CJ's friends--Luke, Tasha, Brianna, JoHannah, Clara and Allison all snuck over to our house the night before around 10:30 and did this! I LOVED IT!!! I can't believe we didn't hear them and the dog didn't bark.

PEDS--Beware. Courteny Jones

CJ actually stands for Christopher Jr., however, when CJ started playing sports at the local high school he got sick of the kids asking a million and one questions. One that came up often (right after homeschooling) was what did CJ stand for. He decided to have fun with them and tell them silly names----Courteny Jones was one of the names.

Danger**New Driver**
Stay Off Sidewalk
Jo was here : )

We actually caught someone while in traffic taking a picture of this---LOVE IT!! We drove around for 2 days with the writing on the Suv (we did have to take off the balloons and tp to drive safely).

Keep back 100 Feet

Here a few of the kids wrote their names with CEE JAY in the middle

Peds Beware!!!
More names

To the back of the Suv was an empty milk jug that said "Don't drink and Drive!!!"
You have to give them points for creativity.

There was also a package on our front porch.
They gave him a "Cars" (the cartoon) birthday card
Then they wrapped 4 presents up in the local car ad newspaper.

CJ's presents
Band-aids---"In case of Boo-Boos"
Toy Car---"Car of your Dreams"
Sunglasses---"Wear When Driving"
Keys--"Keys to your Future"

Does it get any better!!!!

After breakfast we went to my OB appointment. Right after we headed to the RMV. I am not sure who was more excited about CJ getting his permit---me or him!!

CJ and I waiting in the LLLOOONNNNGGGG Line.

Chris----Jr and Sr.

CJ took his test and passed. We headed over to Olive Garden to celebrate the day. It was great having lunch just the 3 of us.
After CJ took this picture I looked at it and said "I do NOT look old enough to have a 16 year old, you do Chris, but not me!!! : )

My handsome guy!
Must be good genes ; )

Of course we had to have them sing to him.

The time has come-----
"I feel the need--the need for speed" NOT!

Chris brought CJ for his first driving lesson. Overall he did good. He just needs to learn to press on the break and a corner at 5---not 25!!! >: O

CJ then made everyone a delicious dinner, Fettuccine Alfredo and salad. We enjoyed an ice cream cake with the kids.

"Another picture Mom"

CJ re-lit 3 candles for Emily. Leading up to CJ's birthday, Emily insisted it was "her" birthday. Of course, because it was Emily, CJ fed into it each day. He actually told her she could have her birthday instead.

Emily blowing out her 3 candles.

We put the kids to bed and watched 17 Again with CJ. I don't know about CJ, but I had a fantastic day celebrating his birthday.

16, Wow! Can I tell you a secret....I know that you hear terrible things about the teenage years. I am actually enjoying them----atleast 95% of the time. If only I could get him to do his Algebra!


Luke said...

Happy Birthday CJ!

It was a lot of fun, but very stressfull (I was nervous that someone was going to see us), vandalizing your car.

Algebra??.......what's that?


Amy :) said...

How fun! Our son David will be 16 in November, but he got his permit in June. He was SO excited about it!

Looks like you all had a great day!! Isn't it crazy to be old enough to have a 16-year old??

Amy :)