Sunday, January 31, 2010

Look Who's Sick : (

Nicholas on his pacifier nebulizer

Nicholas with his "fishy face" mask doing his nebulizer.

It has been less than fun around here for the last week. On Sunday of last week (the 24th) Emily (3 y.o.) started with a cold. As much as we tried to keep her away from Nicholas (4 months) he still got sick. He was coughing, running nose and just plan old yucky so I brought him to the doctor's on Tuesday. Since we were going, I figured I would have Emily checked out too.

We were told on Tuesday to just keep an eye on Nicholas. His ear drum looked "dull" but not infected. Emily however, did have an ear infection in both ears. Glad I brought her since she never complained of pain. She just was just extra quiet and a little whiny.

Over the next 2 days Nicholas seemed to be getting worse instead of better. On Friday morning I had a feeling something just wasn't right. His breathing seemed labored and I thought I could hear wheezing and crackles. I called and made an appointment for him to see the NP again at the doctor's office.

Throughout the day Nicholas would have episodes of looking better and even playing and laughing. They were short lived but there. He seemed to sleep more than he usually did. Back and force, back and forth I went. Was I just being an over-paranoid mother again? I keep thinking. Something just told me to follow my "mommy instincts".

I had an appointment that afternoon so Chris said he had no problem bring Nicholas to his doctor's appointment. Even as he was getting ready to leave I was second guessing myself. I even told Chris "When everyone at the doctor's gives you the-you again-just let them know it was my fault. I am afraid on missing something and ending up in the ER over the weekend." With that, he left.

Now imagine my surprise when CJ called me from the dr.'s asking me if we still had a nebulizer machine!!! I was shocked! Come to find out Nicholas has an ear infection and bronchitis. They gave him a breathing treatment right there in the office. We have been continuing to do them every 4 hours.

He is sounding much better now that he has been doing breathing treatments since Friday. He can actually sleep peacefully. He is playing and smiling more too : )

I hated to be right on this one but I am glad I went with my gut. Oh, btw, I am now sick with a cold.

Monday, January 18, 2010

18 Years...and Counting!!

~~Happy Anniversary to the Love of My Life~~

18 years ago today I was a young bride in love. I saw the world through rose colored glasses. I was ready to face the world, just you and me.

Today, I am more in love with you. I understand what true love is. We have faced many of life's challenges head on---together. They have made us stronger not only as people but as a couple.

We were so young when we got married. Can you believe CJ is only 2 years younger than I was? It is true. Most couples that young don't make it. But we have always been a team.

They said we wouldn't make. I bet they would be shocked to see us now. We are quite the couple, you and me. Better together, more than one would ever believe.

You helped me to see it's alright to have dreams. We have had many together so many still to be. I can't wait to talk about how great they were when we are driving around someday in our RV : )

I love you!!!!