Thursday, April 29, 2010


December 20, 2010.
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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Still Standing....

Have you missed me? I haven't blogged in almost 7 weeks. Here's a quick breakdown of what has happened----

March 24th---Grandmother died (dad's mom)

March 25th---My Mom had a stroke

March 31st---Dad diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer and coded after the biopsy surgery.

Both parents were in the hospital at the same time. I spent 2 weeks going back and forth, spending hours upon hours out of the house. Have I ever mentioned how much of home-body I am? I can be home for days upon days without going out and be perfectly content with it.

Dad went to a nursing home for about 10 days and ended up back in the hospital. I thought we were going to lose him on April 16th. He is suppose to be discharged Monday or Tuesday back to a nursing home and then he will start chemo. Chemo is NOT going to cure him, just give him some more time.

Mom has been at my house for the last 2 weeks recovering from her stroke. She is coming along fantastically. She will be spending another week here and then transition back to her house.

In the last month my life have been turned upside down. To have BOTH parents be so critically ill at the same time has been heart breaking. All this and still trying to meet the needs of my 6 precious blessings. I thank God that I have such a wonderful husband that helped me through and filled in so much at home and with the kids.

I spent my time driving back and forth to the hospital praying and worshiping our Lord. I rested in Him. He has given me a peace through all of this.