Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Almost Home!!

I have to tell you. I am excited!! My hubby will be home in a little more than an hour and then his weekend starts : ) He works Friday-Tuesday and has Wednesday and Thursday off. So for him, today is like everyone else's Friday.

We have baby prep to do over the next 2 1/2 days.
Today we are going to pick up the paint for Nicholas' room.
Tomorrow I have a OB appointment.
Between Wednesday and Thursday Chris will be painting Nicholas' room.
I will then start setting things up (like the draws and closet).

Chris is a HUGE help to me around the house. Especially now since I have 2 speeds----stop and VERY slow. It takes me atleast 3 times as long to do anything I use to---plus lots of breaks. With 23 days until the the BIG DAY, my nesting is really kicking in. I want everything clean-clean-clean.

Of course I look forward to also spending time with him and as a family. I just love that man!!!!

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