Friday, August 14, 2009

Pregnancy Update--Ultrasound

We just got back. We had an ultrasound of Nicholas and we spoke with the midwife afterwards.


The midwife said there is nothing to worry about, it just looks like I am going to have a good size little boy. Today the ultrasound showed he was 5.8 pounds (so I little more than 5 3/4 pounds). I will be 34 weeks tomorrow. She said I am looking at an 8 pounder by delivery.

God is so good. Wednesday I was upset but tried not to show it because I didn't want to ruin CJ's birthday. When I woke up yesterday I felt at peace. I had given it up to God the night before. I told myself that God knows if something is wrong or not. I know that God is not going to give us something we can't handle......we might not like it, but we would handle it with God leading us.

Thank you to all those who prayed.
Judy and Nicholas : )

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Amy :) said...

Great to hear that all is looking well with Nicholas!!

Amy :)