Thursday, May 6, 2010


I am thrilled to announce that YES, I am indeed expecting (again!)!!!! : )

Number 7!!!!

I am 7 1/2 weeks.

I am due on December 20, 2010. However I will be having a c-section around 38-39 weeks.

Nicholas and the baby will be less than 15 months apart. (About 14 1/2)

Yes, we were shocked. I would have never thought in my "Advanced Maternal Age" I would have back to back pregnancies.

We are thankful for this blessing God has given to us.

Please keep me in your prayers. Morning sickness has struck. It isn't as bad as with Nicholas. I think in part because as soon as it started I called the doctor and got put on Zofran. Also, even though I don't feel like eating (and can easily go the whole day not eating) I have been forcing myself to eat. No easy task. I am finding that even though I feel sick before and during eating I usually feel better after and the morning sickness lets up for a little while.