Monday, August 10, 2009

Menu Monday--August 10th

I have been working very hard to stay as close as I can to our new food budget. I set it at $700 for 4 weeks, but I think it would be more accurate to make it $800. This would break down to $100 for meats for the month and then $175 a week for 4 weeks (up from $150 a week). This will include food, toiletries and cleaning products. This will NOT include things for baby, wipes, diapers, ect. I do not feel that what we eat for the week should depend on how fast Nicholas goes through diapers. This will be a separate expense. Also, we have to pay for "special" town trash bags. This is not included in the grocery budget but a separate one.

We did go over budget this week because I bought a few bulk items this week from BJ's---box of hamburgs for the grill, hot dogs and turkey bacon. These 3 things together came to $34 but they will be used throughout the month. My goal next week is to make our menu from as much pantry food as I can so I can try to stay within budget. I think I can do it!!!

So on to this weeks Menu. Because I have been grocery shopping on Friday afternoons, I start my menu on Saturday.

B--OYO (own your own)
L--PB & J
D--Grill--Hamburgs, hot dogs and chicken for me. Potato salad

L--Pizza (frozen)
D--Chicken Chili with Rice

B--Bagels (Zachary will be making this)
L--Grill Cheese (Zachary might be making this too)
D--Chicken with Potatoes and corn in the oven

B--French Toast
L--Hot dogs (they are 100% beef)
D--Fajitas, rice and cut-up veggies

Wednesday----CJ's 16th Birthday!!!!! Birthday Boy has his choice of menu for the day.
B--Scrambled Eggs with Bacon and homefries prepared by Dad
L--Chris and I will be taking CJ out to lunch after he goes for his driver's permit (Yikes!) The kids will be at home with my mom. They will have chicken nuggets and fries.
D--CJ has requested to make dinner. He will be making Chicken Alfredo and a salad. He has been asking a while to make this and jumped at the opportunity since it is HIS choice for dinner.

B--Oven Omelet
L--BLTs, cut up veggies
D--not sure yet.

B--Oatmeal (prepared by Zachary)
L--Mac and Cheese (prepared by Zachary. He is my chef in the making---just like his Dad!)
D--Sloppy Joes with fries.

Snacks available for the week:
Fruit, Pudding, Yogurt, Yogurt smoothie, Cheese & Crackers, Ice cream, Birthday cake, Popcorn, Popsicles, Oatmeal cookies and Brownies.

Just a disclaimer---We do have fruits and vegetables throughout the day with our meals. I don't always write it in because the kids morning snack is either a fruit or a yogurt. So then at meal time, I need to see what is available for all of us to eat.

Also, we have OJ with breakfast and milk with lunch and dinner (water throughout the day).

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CJ said...

"yikes" thanks mom. :)

Rona's Home Page said...

I recently increased our grocery budget. I've grown tired of our eating out, no leftovers and our teen still being hungry.