Saturday, December 29, 2007

Happy Birthday Zachary!!!

Today is my son Zachary's 9th birthday. I can't believe he is already 9!! Zachary is my 2nd oldest. He is the kind of child that if I am having a bad day will go out of his way to put a smile on my face. There have been times that I have gone in my room to find a chocolate on my bed with a note telling me he loves me. Boy, he is going to make a good husband someday!

I decided to keep Zachary's birthday party small this year. First thing this morning CJ has a basketball game. Then in the afternoon Zachary's 2 boy cousins, Joey and Andrew, along with his BF Mason are coming over. Chris is going to bring them along with our boys all bowling (6 boys--he's brave). When they come back we will have pizza and ice cream cake.

Well must go and start enjoying the day.


Thursday, December 27, 2007

A Great Give-Away!!!

Laced with Grace is having a great give-away...some of my favorite things like a Woman of Faith Bible, a Lisa Whelchel bible study tool and more!! Go on over to her blog to sign up.


Better Today

We are doing better today. Yesterday Emily eneded up vomiting one time. Chris came home from work sick as a dog. He has been on the couch since last night. The rest of us are starting to eat. I am not 100%...more like 85%, but that is good enough to begin functioning.
I am going to go and get some stuff done before I take a rest.
I am hoping to put some pictuers up from Christmas soon.


Wednesday, December 26, 2007


My poor husband...he spent Christmas night into Wednesday taking care of ALL OF US!! Yes, we are ALL sick. Emily started on Christmas eve during the day with vomiting. She was miserable. Christmas day she stopped vomiting and instead it was coming out of the other end. When we were getting ready for Christmas dinner, which was around 5, CJ said he didn't want to eat, he didn't feel good. I figured he was snacking too much. Come to find out...he was not snacking! This was highly unusual. Sure enough by 6p.m. Christmas, he was vomiting. I followed at 10 p.m., Alex and 2 a.m., Zachary at 5 a.m., and Jessie at 8 a.m.. Mind you, in between Chris taking care of the new one who was sick, he had to deal with CJ and I who both seemed to be on the same hourly schedule for heading to the bathroom. He didn't get much sleep. This is usually his day off but he got someone to work for him on Christmas (this was the first Christmas off in over 6 years) so he had to go and work for them this morning from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.. Since Emily is doing better he has stuck us (the sickies) in the living room....did I mention we had taken the t.v. out of this room? We have one in the family room but Chris doesn't want us sick ones down there. He wants to keep it clear of us for Emily to be able to go down there and play.

Well that is all I have the energy to say. If you can, please pray for us today.


Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!!!

Merry Christmas to All!!

May we all take the time to remember the true meaning of Christmas.
Hope you enjoy the day whatever you may do.
Emily was sick yesterday...she looks like she is starting to feel better. I am starting to think she doesn't like holidays.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Chalk one up for Team Mom!

A quick story...
My oldest son takes 3 co-op classes on Thursday's. He takes Logic, Honors English and my Biology class. He hasn't been using very good time-management skills lately. All weekend I bug him to get busy with his work and I get told he has it under control. Then Wednesday rolls around and he is spending ALL day trying to get it all done. His regular work ends up taking a back burner. Finally a couple of weeks ago I had had it. Chris told CJ that from now on ALL his co-op work has to be done by Saturday night. CJ did some negotiating that it didn't give enough him time and we changed the deadline Sunday.

CJ has basketball practice 6 days a week. The only day off is Sunday. So this Saturday morning I asked CJ how much of his work he has gotten done from co-op that week. He tried giving me the "don't worry about it...I have until tomorrow to get it done". Translated into Mom-talk means "no, I haven't started it...I will rush tomorrow." After I saw that he didn't even initiate starting his work I decided that he would use the time he SHOULD be at basketball that day to do his work. This decision did not go over very well with him. He did stay home and did his work---mad at me the whole time....and guess what....THAT WAS FINE WITH ME!!! I had warned him time and time again that school work is the priority...not sports. He just pushed it...AND I PUSHED BACK!!

On the Monday he went to practice (because his work was done) and the coach asked why he wasn't there on Saturday. CJ told him his Mom kept him home because of his school work. The coach told him something to the affect of "I know education comes first but your parents need to understand that you have a commitment to the team. If you miss another practice because of that reason you are off the team."

My first reaction......"who the ---- does he think he is!!!!" ok, I thought that, but didn't exactly say that outloud to my son. I basically laughed and told CJ that he better get his work done because if he doesn't it doesn't look he will be playing ball. I didn't really think anymore about this until Wednesday. Wednesday was a mandatory parents meeting for all winter sports parents. The school also sent home a paper for me to fill out saying what class CJ is taking and if he is passing. I called and spoke to the lady who heads up the sports department about both things and when I was at it I mentioned the little incident with the coach telling CJ if I keep him home again for not getting his work done he would be off the team. She informed me this was not true. If I kept him home for not doing work it is the same as a student in school missing practice for tutoring. She thinks the coach doesn't know CJ is homeschooled.

When CJ went to practice that night the head coach of basketball took CJ and his coach aside and explained all this to him. When he came home and told me this all I could think was...."CHALK ONE UP FOR TEAM MOM!!!!"

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Wordless Wednesday

Some radom pictures of the kids

CJ playing football

Jessie on a summer day

Oh, look---now there's 2 cute babies!

Giving a kiss---to herself

The three musketeers

"Did I do That..." Urkel impressions

Monday, December 17, 2007

Emily's 1st Birthday!!

Yesterday was a very special day in our was my little darling Emily Grace's very first birthday! What a fantastic day---besides the weather. I guess I can't complain too much about the weather because it could have been much worse. Living in New England you never know what you are going to get. We had a hard hitting storm on Thursday, which made travel horrific that day. A usual 40 minute ride took me almost 3 and 1/2 hours. They were predicting another big storm, this had the potential to be even worse. No matter what....the party was going to go on. We have this thing about birthdays...we ALWAYS celebrate birthdays on the actual day. I have NEVER had a party for one of my children on any other day besides the actual date they were born. Well luckily the snow turned into rain by mid-morning.

I think a good time was had by all. As my oldest son put it---it was like 3 parties in 1. You had the woman upstairs in my living room talking...the teenagers (supervised) in my son's room.....and the men....well where else would you find a die-hard New England sports fan....WATCHING THE PATRIOTS OF COURSE!!! All the men were down stairs enjoying the game. When they all made there way upstairs after the game was over we had fun teasing them asking them all when they showed up.

FOOD---LOTS OF FOOD!! I would LOVE to take all the credit for the wonderful buffet that was set before us....but I can't. I made a few a roast, lasagna and chocolate truffle. Wendy brought a salad (thank you Wendy), Laura brought a chicken dish (thank you Laura) and my sister brought Chourico and Peppers (thank you Glenda. Well the rest of the stuff...well lets just say that I am great at making lists and delegating. I had my clip board with all the items listed that I planned on making. Yes, I do mean to say I planned on making. But there was alot to do. Wendy was the first to show up. She jumped right in and starting helping out. Next Laura and her family showed up. Once they showed up, Chris basically kicked me out of the kitchen and him and his kitchen crew did a fabulous job. Wendy was joking at one point saying she felt like she was on the show "Hell's Kitchen". Honestly...they all did an awesome job. And the most unbelievable part of it...when he was done cooking and all the food was set out--there was a clean kitchen.

I won't bore you with all the details. Just know that it was lots of fun--we ate, we laughed, we enjoyed celebrating together the joy of having this precious little girl in our life. This time last year I was asking Chris to adopt again and he felt 4 was our fill and now we couldn't imagine our life without her.

If you read my previous entry you may be wondering if I made it through singing "Happy Birthday" without crying. I didn't even wait until we starting singing to cry. As we were setting up the cake I started to cry. Just knowing the blessing He has given us, to know what kind of life Emily could have had if...if she....well lets not think of that now. The need to see the cake. Beautiful doesn't even begin to describe it. My friend Connie along with her daughter Stephanie made/blessed us with it. Connie hand made the flowers out of gum paste and Stephanie made the butterflies. She made the top layer for Emily to destroy.

The day was beautiful. Enjoy the pics. Oh, one last thing. It was also Wendy's mother Jeannine's birthday too. I was glad she chose to spend her special day with us.


Friday, December 14, 2007

Emily's Got Her Ears Pierced!

Today was a BIG day for Emily and her little friend Madison (Wendy's daughter). They went together today to get their Ears Pierced!! Ok, I guess I should start from the beginning. Emily's birthday is Sunday and Madison had her birthday last month. They are about 5 weeks apart. So today started off with Wendy and I bringing our 7 year old daughters to go and see the Nutcracker, HOWEVER, we were running late...VERY late. So we decided to make it just a funny girly day. We brought them for a little shopping and lunch. While at lunch we were talking about how we wanted to get the babies ears done. We thought it would be so cute for them to get them done at the same time. Pictures they would be able to look back on when they get older and think "our parents are nuts". Well, while Wendy went to get Madison I brought the girls to get their nails done---which they LOVED!! Chris met me at the mall with Emily. Wendy was smart enough to have me go first because she knew that if Madison flipped out I would chicken out. I will have to say...I think Emily took it better than ME! She moved some while they were trying to mark her. Then I held her arms down and her head still. With a lady on both sides it was time to go....and 1-2-3...CLICK! IT WAS DONE! Emily cried real tears---they came streaming down her face, but I gave her her bottle (which she was due for anyway) and she stopped. It lasted less than a minute. 5 Minutes later you would have never known it had happened. She looks so adorable. Wouldn't you know, my camera battery was dying so I only got a few pictures from it. Wendy took some. When I get them I will have to post them under a Wordless Wednesday. Here are a couple until then. Enjoy!

Monday, December 10, 2007

One Crazy Week

I can't believe I haven't posted anything in a week! Last week was a very busy week and this week is probably going to be even busier. Emily's 1st birthday is on Sunday and there is lots to do between now and then.
My week at a glance:

Monday- Saturday my oldest has basketball practice. Even though I homeschool he is allowed to play sports for the local high school. Which is a HUGE blessing for us because my son takes sports VERY seriously. I do truly believe that God has blessed him with natural talent in sports and I do believe it will be used for His glory. Oldest DD has dance today and DS #2 has a basketball game.

Tuesday-Both social workers are coming over tomorrow morning. Oh let me clarify that one. We are in the process of adopting little Miss Emily. In every way, shape and form I already consider her mine but it won't be legal until sometime after the new year--not sure when. She has to physically live with us for 6 months before we can file the paper work--which is Christmas Eve. Then after we file the paper work it is a matter of waiting for it to go through and get a court date. I don't mind the social workers at all. We have the same 2 we had when we adopted before so it is more of social visit then anything else. Once they leave 2 children have piano. Early Intervention comes tomorrow for Emily. Considering she was 6 weeks early I think Emily does fantastic. The only things she was behind in was verbal skills and a little in fine motor. She is very quiet especially around people she doesn't know. Ok, back to my day. DH will finish up with EI and I will head for my yearly Dr's visit.

Wednesday is a fun day. My sister, mother, niece, best friend and I are spending the day shopping!!! Girl's day fun all day!! I can't wait for this. I don't care if I have only enough money for lunch in my pocket, I am going out! After being so busy last week and the weekend I just had, I need this girl time more than ever. My oldest also has his first basketball game this day which I am going to miss (which he is not very happy about).

Thursday--Last co-op until January.

Friday--Wendy and I are bringing our daughters to see the Nutcracker and out for lunch. This should be fun.

Saturday--BASKETBALL-BASKETBALL-BASKETBALL!!! There is a game for one of them, practice for both and pictures. YIPPY!! Ok, I said that yippy VERY sarcastically. This is the day that I will be going totally crazy and stressing about the party.

Sunday---PARTY!!!! I can't believe she is already going to be one. When we got Emily back in June, December seemed so far away. But here it is! I am expecting around 50 people at the party. I am just hoping I can make it through singing "Happy Birthday" without crying. Yes, you read right. For some reason, singing Happy Birthday makes me tear up. I think it is because I start thinking about them when they were younger and how fast time is going by. You know, when you are in the daily trenches of motherhood it can be so easy to just wish the day away or the stage they are at. But then, as they get older you look back at that time and wish to be there--holding them again--teaching them to walk--the funny things only a 3 year old would say--things like that. I know that God has intrusted me with these precious gifts of His. With every birthday I feel closer and closer to them not needing me. I know this all sounds crazy. But there must be others that feel this way too?!?!?!?!

Any-who...just keep me in your prayers that I will not only get through this busy week BUT I WILL ENJOY this busy week. I don't want the stress of all this to overshadow the really important memories that are just waiting to be made.


Monday, December 3, 2007

Monday Meanderings

Oh boy, it's Monday. Day is off to a very slow start but I am hoping it is going to pick up speed. This weeks plan:

1. Bible Study/Devotions
I NEED to start on the Beth Moore bible study. I wanted to start it last week but never got around to it.
Spend time daily with the Lord BEFORE starting the day--even if only 15 minutes.

2. Must-do List
Me and my honey are doing our 1 big day of shopping on Wednesday. My mother sleeps over the night before and we leave early in the monrning, go out for breakfast (for energy) and then don't stop until we are done. I need to finish brain-storming some ideas for gifts.
Continue planning Emily's party. Invitations are all written out. Need to mail them today. Need to work on Menu for it.
Prepare for Biology class. I always feel rushed with this. I need to plan better for it.
Organize Emily's clothes.

3. Zone
Master Bedroom. That is the dumping ground for the rest of the house. I need to get in there this week and get it organized and clean.

4. Train them Up
A very wise woman I know that is done homeschooling as told me many times that homeschooling is as much for the parent as the children. This is so true. Usually issues that need to be worked on with homeschooling usually can be traced back to me and something God is trying to work on in me. With that said..this week:
Work more consistently with homeschooling. Last week I was so worried about getting to other stuff besides the basics that I slacked in the basics. So this week I need to prioritize.

5. Menu
Monday--BBQ chicken, Rice and Corn
Tuesday--Taco Tuesday! Taco, Rice, Veggie tray with dip
Wednesday--Roast with chicken, chorico, potatoes, carrots and olives
Thursday--Portugesse soup with Bread
Friday--Auntie Glenda coming over with Pizza and to watch a Christmas movie with the kids.
Saturday--Hot chicken, egg noodles, veggie---Putting up Christmas tree and decorating the house.
Sunday--Chicken Casserole

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Church Cookie Exchange

All the Ladies at the Cookie Exchange

Our Hostess--Andrea and Sarah

Last night I went to a cookie exchange hosted by 2 ladies from my *new* church. This was the first time I had ever been to one.....WHAT A BLAST!!!! They did a great job. When we got there we all got a candy cane to play a version of the clothes pin game like you would at a baby shower. For those who don't know how to play it is really simple. First you give everyone a candy cane (or clothes pin). Then you say what the *word* is that you are not allowed to say. Last night it was *cookie* (at a baby shower it may be multiple words like *baby* shower*). If you hear someone say the *word* then you take there candy cane. After a set amount of time, whoever has the most wins. Last night....IT WAS ME!!! I love that game. I can usually win. I am good at tricking people into saying the word---he he he.

We did a yankee swap. It was hilarious! Our hostess, Sarah, loves to give gag gifts. Oh, I guess I should expain just in case you don't know what a yankee swap is. Everyone brings a gift...nothing too expensive. There is usually a $5-10 limit. You bring it all wrapped up and place it in the pile. Then everyone picks a number from 1 to how ever many people there are. Then the fun begins. Starting with #1 you go and pick a present--open and decide if you like it. If you don't then you can pick anyone that went before you to swap gifts with. The person whose gift you take gets stuck with the one you give them (unless someone swaps with them). There is an array of gifts..from socks to candles to videos...all kinds of things. Well getting back to Sarah's gift. Well it was time for the pastor's wife to go (pictured in the antlers). She picks this beautiful green glittery box. She opens it and pulls out a black---HUGE---GIGANTIC---NEVER SEEN ONE SO BIG---BRA!!!! It was

hilarious!!!!!!! Needless to say, she traded. A little while later, the eldest of the group, a 91 year old great grandmother opened her present. You are not going to believe it but she traded her gift for the bra....she said "maybe I will grown into it someday". Someone then handed her a tissue box so she could "fill in"....she ended up taking the box and sticking it in the bra. We were all rolling with laughter. A bit later another gag gift was open. Inside a coffee mug was a HUGE pair of underwear. Well the great-grandmother ended up taking it out of the person's hand and put them on over her clothes. I thought we were all going to pee our pants at that point! It was good old clean fun. I turned to Connie, a friend I brought with me, and told her it is always the church woman you need to watch out for.

Me along with Wendy (left) and Connie (center)

The rest of the night was spent gabbing and catching up with some ladies I haven't seen in a while.

I am starting to feel better. Today I spent cleaning-cleaning-and more cleaning. Yesterday there wasn't a room in this house that was clean. But now it is down to 2 rooms that need to be done. One is the family room which is mostly clean except for the laundry I have sorted out. Then there is my room---or as my hubby calls it "the black hole". It is the dumping ground for the rest of the house. If someone isn't sure where something goes, or if I need something out of the way until I can get to goes there. I know I won't get to that today and I don't think I will get to it tomorrow either. There is always Tuesday.

Enjoy the pictures of from the cookie exchange.

Ellen won Best Presentation--she was SO surprised!

Ellen's display

Table FULL of Cookies

Wendy enjoying some cookies----Want Some

Best dressed!

Friday, November 30, 2007

Sick of being Sick!

I am so sick of being sick! Now I don't mean to whine, and I KNOW there are people that are dealing with real illnesses and problems but I just have to tell you...I want to be over this. I have had an upper respiratory "something" going on now for 10 days. I am sick of hacking away, bring up so much yellow "stuff" to the point I start dry heaving, and my sinuses kill. I can't stand laying in bed anymore. It has put a damper on homeschooling this week. I have been trying to do stuff but I can't even say we are going at 1/2 speed. I guess some is better than none. Baby Emily is still a little yucky. I didn't get to post about Thanksgiving. I was sick and my little sweetie had a temp of 104.3. Needless to say, we brought her to the ER and she had an ear infection. She wanted to make sure her first Thanksgiving would be a memorable one.

Yesterday was co-op. The little ones are done until after the holidays but the jr. high and above still have a few weeks left. I teach Apologia Biology to a group of 8 students---one being my son. I have to say....they are a great group of kids. And smart--very smart! They keep me on my toes (especially JoHannah and Luke). They are responsible at home to do the reading and Own Your Own questions and the parents give them the tests. I am there as a resource for them. I go over key concepts of the chapter to make sure they truly understand it and the lab/experiments. We have done microscope work and in February we will start dissections. I know for a FACT that if I was just doing this at home with just my own son we would not be doing it to this extent. It would be very easy to slack off and tell him not to worry about the microscope because of time or not wanting the little ones to get into it. But THIS....THIS is great! It keeps us on track and accountable at home. My son is also taking a Honors English and Logic through the co-op. I feel so blessed by the ladies that are teaching this. God has really put us together in a way to fill in for each others "weakness". All this and it is only our first year doing this.

I am suppose to go to a Birthday Ball tonight with Jessica. Tomorrow I am going to a cookie exchange. I found a recipe on Food Network to *TRY* to make. If it goes well I am going to post it under an online cookie exchange that I found.

Well I hope everyone that reads this has a great weekend.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Vision Forum---FREE Shipping!!!

Doug Phillips and Vision Forum are sponsoring a giveaway at to help get word out about the FREE SHIPPING Vision Forum is offering until Midnight tonight

1st Wordless Wednesday--Jessica's Tea

Just to set the scene, a friend of mine, along with her daughters, put on a lovely tea-- high tea for Jessie the day after her birthday.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

It's Monday!!! First Monday Meanderings

This is my first Monday Meanderings. You may be asking (as I did the first time I saw this) what is this. Let me explain. Basically it is a list of 5 things or goals I have for the up coming week. An overview. It is to help keep me accountable of what NEEDS to be accomplished this week. There are 5 catagories. I will list them, then the goal or goals for the week. I found this originally on Less of Me-More of Him blog. You can click on it on my sidebar to see her website (which I love). So here goes:

1. Bible Study/ Devotions
Restart Beth Moore's bible study "A Heart Like His". Review week 1.
Pray every morning BEFORE dealing with family.

2. MUST-do list
Plan Emily's 1st Birthday party.
--Guest list
--Send out invitations
--Plan menu

Start planning Christmas shopping list
--Present ideas

3. Zone (Usually this means to break you house down in the areas--Zones--to make cleaning easier and not as overwhelming)

This weeks zone will be a little different. I need to go through the different zones and find all picuters and put them together in one spot and start organizing them. I have pictures in different rooms in bags, on shelves, shoe name it.

4. Train them up
This week, I need to work on something "homeschooly". I have a hard time doing much more than the 3 R's so this weeks goal is to do MFW---a full week!!

5. Menu Planning---Dinners
Monday-- Chicken Bowl. .
Tuesday-- Taco Tuesday. Chicken taco, Rice and veggie tray with dip
Wednesday-- Not-sagna Pasta Toss with Romain salad with Roasted red pepper vinaigrette. Saw this recipe Saturday on 30 Minute Meals by Rachel Ray. Wish me luck.
Thursday--BBQ chicken, Rice and green beans
Friday--Jessie and I are going to a birthday ball. The guys are staying home and having sloppy Joes with fries
Saturday--Steak, baked potato and salad
Sunday--Portugesse Roast with chicken and chorico (which is a portugesse sausage), potatoes, carrots, olives and a surprise dessert.

Have a great week!!



Friday, November 23, 2007

Alot of Catching up Part 1--Jessica's Birthday

Birthday Morning, crown and all!!!

WOW! I can't believe how long it has been since I have blogged. Life has been a combination of busy and being sick---but I will get to that later. Well since the last time I wrote we had Jessica's birthday. What a great day. I had co-op that day, so while I went to co-op with the boys, Chris brought Jessica out for breakfast with Emily. She got to pick anything she wanted, they sang to her at the restaurant and then gave her a balloon. After that she got to go to Toys R' Us and pick out ANYTHING she wanted. She picked out baby doll accessories. When I got home my niece Laura was there and after she spent time with Jessica it was now my time out with her.

We have a great imagination!

We went to the mall. She had no idea what we were going to do, all she knew was we were going to do three things. 1st we went and got her a new pair of sneakers (very cute pink Sketchers). 2nd we went to Starbucks and she got to get a Double Chocolate Chip Frapuccino---just like Mommy. 3rd we went and got our nails done. She got her toes and fingers painted and I got a pedicure as we both sipped on our drinks. Very girly---very Jessie. After a quick stop at Target we headed home.

We kept it a family party this year. Jessie got to pick out her favorite dinner---brown tacos (we always have chicken tacos, but she wanted hamburg tacos---brown tacos). Then my sister Glenda and my sister-in-law Liza (pronounced Lisa) came over along with my nephew Andrew.

Well I had taken a cake decorating class last month and I was really looking forward to making her birthday cake. Well I ran out of time so thank goodness I had a can of frosting in the cupboard. Just one problem....I forgot to buy candles (or any other decoration). Well my hubby being the "adapt and overcome type" took hershey miniture candy bars and put them on the cake in the shape of the number 7. I kid you not!!! So we sang to her over her candy bar cake and told her to make-believe she was blowing out candles. Everyone laughed...and I guess it was kind of funny (and pathetic too) but you know what....I bet if you ask her about her birthday I bet she would not say it was ruined from the cake. She probably wouldn't even remember the cake unless someone brought it up. I bet she would tell you about the fun she had and how she felt so special. Even though it was embarrassing to me that I did not have candles or a fancy cake it is not significant in the BIG sceme of things. Sometimes we get so bothered by the little details that we forgot about what is really important. I know I am guilty of it. Hope you enjoy the photos!

Jessie with her Auntie's (pronounced ahn-tees) Liza and Glenda

The whole bunch of us


Thursday, November 15, 2007

Happy Birthday Jessica!!!

Today is my beautiful daughter Jessica's 7th bithday!!!! Yippy!!!! I know she is very excited for her special day. I am too!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

A New Day

I thank God for a new day, a brand new beginning. Yesterday was awful. Not because of the kids or any event but because...well because that is how I felt. I felt poopy! A few years ago I started getting S.A.D. (Seasonal Affective Disorder). Basically what it is---winter depression (even though it doesn't usually wait until winter to start. It usually starts around October). I notice it around the time that days are noticeable shorter and I start feeling better when it is getting warmer outside, the sun is shining and days are getting longer. A few years ago it was really bad. Every time it snowed my husband would find me crying somewhere. The snow made me feel closed in. I ended up doing light therapy and it did wonders. Last year I didn't need it. I had my down days but nothing like the years before. This year I have had a day here or there but I am going to fight this with all I got. No wait! Let me re-word that. I am going to continue getting on my knees and fight it with all GOD has got. His strength not mine.

I am blessed to have people around me that will pray with me and help me through. Last night hubby went to the grocery store for me after he prayed with me. He even took 2 of the kids with him. I talked to Wendy on the phone and she always has such a great listening ear. I emailed my friend Laura and asked her to keep me in her prayers that I am feeling spiritual attacked and this morning I opened up an email back from her, and right there in the email she prayed for me. What a team I have!!

So I am thankful that today is a new day. A day that is fresh, a day that I can give over to the Lord for him to work in me what He choses.

Oh, one last thing. Please keep Heather from Especially Heather (see my favorite blogs) in your prayers. This is a chemo week for her. Stop by her post and drop her a message. I know she will love to hear from you.


Saturday, November 10, 2007

Date Night

It is now the wee hours of the morning on Saturday...approximately 5 a.m.. Can't sleep. The baby has a cold and I heard her coughing so I got up to check on her at about 3:30 and I wasn't able to go back to sleep. So I decided to check my emails and my favorite blogs that I follow.

Last night was Date Night. I love Date Night!! Not because of where we go or what we do, but because I get to spend time with my favorite person in this whole husband Chris. I love him! I know, you are thinking...."yeah, I expect you to love your husband", well of course. But I love to spend time with him, talk with him and do absolutely nothing with him. More and more, I realize how blessed I am to have him. Just tonight, I was talking to him at dinner about how I like the way we work together. Our marriage is a testimony of love for not only each other but the power of faithfulness to God. I truly believe that God has blessed our marriage because we have kept our focus on Him.

A little background for those who don't know me personally. Chris and I met for the first time when we were 14. He can tell you not only where (a park), but EXACTLY what I was wearing that day. We did the 14 year old "dating" remember, call each other on the phone but never go anywhere. After 2 weeks we broke up : (

But this was not the end. About a year later he ended up moving in with his aunt and uncle who unknowing to me, went to the same church as I did. We went to youth group together, never giving him a second thought. Our junior year of high school we sat next to each other the whole year in school (STILL not a second thought in my mind). But that summer, between our junior and senior year, MY EYES WERE OPENED!!! Chris started hanging around with 2 guys from church, Dana and Brandon. I hung around with Dana's sister, Pam and another friend Maureen. Well that summer we all, as a group, would hang around together. Just as friends. All of a sudden I WANTED to be where he was. It was very strange to me. We were now 17 and I couldn't understand why I liked him after 3 years of not even really noticing him. Well long story short, a year and half later we were married and in January we will celebrate our 16th anniversary. I am not for teens getting married, in fact our oldest is 14 and I couldn't imagine him getting married in a few years. But I do believe that was God's plan for us for reasons I won't get into today.

So back to date night (I have a tendency to go off on bunny trails). I had a great time. We went out for dinner to Applebee's and then did some shopping at the mall. I honestly forgot it was a Friday night until we pulled up to the mall. Going to the mall on Friday night is entertainment in and of itself. I can not believe that some of these parents would actually let their child out dressed or acting like that. It was one of those moments that made me thankful for my children (especially my oldest) and for the power of God in our life. We ended our night at the mall with a drink from Starbucks and headed home. 3 out of the 5 were still up, one being the baby. My Mom, who is the only one crazy enough to watch all 5 so we can go out, couldn't get Miss Emily to sleep. Mom says that is the only time Emily gives her a hard time. So I got some goodnight cuddles from her and we BOTH feel asleep on the couch. My Love put us both to bed.

So there you have it. Date night. It might NOT sound exciting to some, but to me it was fantastic. And one more a little side note. Brandon and Maureen that I talked about above, they got married a year after we did!! Little did any of us know that summer back in 1990 that we would find the love of our lives!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Today was Co-op

Today was Co-op day. I love co-op. It takes some presure off of me for some subjects I have such a hard time getting to. With co-op I know that my elementary age children are getting science, geography, art and spanish (which I feel is the cherry on the co-op sundae). I will be the first to admit it....I have a hard time doing much more than the 3 R's with my children on a daily basis. It's not that I don't have the stuff do it. I have a good amount of books to read (for history). I have a very good curriculum that I COULD follow (MFW) that DOES include geography, Bible, history, and science. But, besides the first 2 weeks of school, it goes on the back burner. So co-op has been a blessing for me.

Now I know, co-op isn't a good fit for every child. My oldest daughter, for instance, can't handle it. It's not that she can't handle the academic part of it. She can. She is very quite and listens to the teachers. BUT--she is like a sponge. She soaks in ALL that is going on around her and then gives big-time attitude to everyone when she gets home and this can lasts for a couple of days. Then, get her back on track, and we start all over again after she goes to co-op. This isn't something new. She has always had a problem with treating the family awful after she has spent time with others. So now she hasn't gone for the last 3 weeks. And guess what....I see an improvement in her behavior. Please don't feel bad for her. She DOES get socialization. In fact, this is actually special time for her because while I am at co-op with the boys, she gets to stay home with Daddy and her little baby sister. Daddy usually does something special with her (like watch a Strawberry Shortcake video). She is eating up the quality time with him.

After next weeks class I will have to tell you about the class I teach at co-op....High School Biology.


Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Happy Birthday to my BFF!!!

Today is my BESTEST Friend in the whole world birthday.....HAPPY BIRTHDAY WENDY!!!!! Wendy and I have been friends since we were 11. That is over 20 years. We have been through alot together: first boyfriends, first cars (Putt-Putt was Wendy's first car and it use to get us to school in 12 minutes), weddings, births (and adoption) of our children, the heartbreak of losing a pregnancy, open heart surgery for a 2 day old (Wendy's son Mason....8 1/2 years old now!), park days, field trips...there is just so much we have been through together that I would be writing for days if I wrote it all. I feel so blessed to have a friend, no let me rephrase that, she is more like a sister, in my life. Not everyone is that lucky. I know I can call her up and just BE REAL and she will listen. She will tell me to build a bridge (to get over it) when I need to hear it.

If you are not as lucky as me to have a Wendy, I seriously hope that you will pray that God will bring such a friend in your life. They are precious and few. So here's to you Wendy!!!

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Nor' Easter

Well hear in the Northeastern part of the United States we are having a good old-fashion Nor'Easter. The wind has been whipping around. It was strong enough to knock down our basketball hoop. Tomorrow we are going to have fun cleaning up the yard.

I don't normally mind a rainy day once in while, however today was a different story. If it wasn't for the fact that I was afraid the kids would blow away if I sent them outside---I WOULD HAVE!!! They had lots of energy and it showed! I had a great day planned too but after the behavior I got today, I had to cancel. They just didn't want to get their Saturday chores done. And the deal was once they got it done we would have Camp Rainy Day. The kids LOVE this day (and so do I). What it is: Well Camp Rainy Day was the brain child of my mother. When I use to work my mother would watch the kids. Well one day I came home to a tent set up in my living room. My mother had done fun activites with them all day---like setting up sleeping bags and taking their nap in the tent, watching moves, popcorn, play-doh (I am sure you get the is a FUN DAY!!!) So that started it. So once in awhile, when the weather is just awful outside we take the day off and do this. Yes, this does include some school days too. You know what---I am sure that the kids aren't going to remember every math lesson I teach them, but I KNOW that this makes memories. Math can wait until tomorrow, but memories...if you don't take the time to make them you won't have any to look back on.

Until we meet again,

Friday, November 2, 2007

My First Blog Entry!!

I am so excited....This is my first blog entry!!! I have been wanting to start a blog and Kim at Life in a Shoe gave me just the motivation I needed to start one. She is having a great contest through Vision Forum. First prize is $250 worth of VF product. So I did it. Here I am. I am an offical blogger. I hope people with come by, take a look and want to come back again. My life is full of....well lets just say my life is full of stories that can only happen to me! So with out further ado here is my first blog with my wish list for Vision Forum:

#33590 Jonathan Park CD Set $85.00
#72564 The Liberty Doll $89.00
#48982 Beautiful Girlhood Tea Set $55.00
#84332 Passionate Housewives $16.00
Grand Total: $245.00
I am so thankful (even if I am not the one to win) for a contest like this. Go by Kim's blog. I know I have enjoyed it...and I think you will too. . Also check out Vision Forum at . Boy, I hope I did this right for the contest.

Well, not bad for my first post.
Until tomorrow---Toodles,