Sunday, August 9, 2009

Grocery Shopping with My Honey

Since I am not driving right now, my Honey has been bring me grocery shopping on Friday afternoons. I have to tell you, I have never been grocery shopping so FAST!!! On Friday, we went to 3 different stores in 2 hours!

Going with him on Friday's has been great motivation for me to have my menu planned out and the grocery list ready for when he gets home. To accomplish this, I actually print out my menu and grocery planner on Monday (I get both from This gives me all week to start filling it in.

My grocery planner has 4 columns---
1--Refrigerated Goods
2--Dried and Canned Goods
3--Freezer Goods

In my Miscellaneous column I put my cleaning, personal care and household items down (printer ink for example). There is a space at the bottom of the paper for Notes. I split this area up into 2 sections. 1-deli items (if there is any) and 2-Fruits and Vegetables.

I know some people keep a price book. I probably should. But, I do a huge amount of my shopping at Wal-mart. Unless a grocery store is having a fantastic sale, they are not going to beat Wal-mart's prices. After Wal-Mart I head over to Target and get what I can from there before heading to the grocery stores in the area. I try to reserve the markets for my deli, fruits and vegetables.

The grocery stores start their sales on Friday and I get the fliers in the mail on Wednesday. I go through them looking for any real sales.

While making out my list I notate what store to get it from---W, Wal-Mart. T, Target. B, BJ's, SS, Stop and Shop. SH, Shaws. I also mark next to an item if it is on-sale, which store and how much it is.

I didn't realize how detailed I actually made my list until this past week. Chris and I headed to our first stop, Wal-mart. I hadn't eat lunch yet so I got a sandwich at the Subway inside the store. While I did this, Chris started off with the clip board. To my surprise, by the time I got done eating (say 15 minutes at the most) he was on his last aisle!!!! I couldn't believe it. He just had 1 thing he wasn't sure about buying and he left it for me (Salsa. He didn't see the kind we normally get). I was honestly dumbfounded and what a great job he did without me!

At first, I took it as "I guess he really doesn't need me" : (
We were talking about this on our way to the next store. He actually gave me a HUGE compliment. He told me if it wasn't for how detailed my list was he wouldn't have been able to get through the store so fast and stay within our budget. He said I couldn't have made it any easier for him. He said it was like me giving him a road map and highlighting the exact route to take and he would be pretty dumb not to follow it. Boy, did that put a smile on my face
: )

With 5 more Friday's between me and baby, it feels great to know that my husband will be able to handle going grocery shopping while I am recovering from a c-section.

Just another reason why I love this man!!!!

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