Sunday, December 2, 2007

Church Cookie Exchange

All the Ladies at the Cookie Exchange

Our Hostess--Andrea and Sarah

Last night I went to a cookie exchange hosted by 2 ladies from my *new* church. This was the first time I had ever been to one.....WHAT A BLAST!!!! They did a great job. When we got there we all got a candy cane to play a version of the clothes pin game like you would at a baby shower. For those who don't know how to play it is really simple. First you give everyone a candy cane (or clothes pin). Then you say what the *word* is that you are not allowed to say. Last night it was *cookie* (at a baby shower it may be multiple words like *baby* shower*). If you hear someone say the *word* then you take there candy cane. After a set amount of time, whoever has the most wins. Last night....IT WAS ME!!! I love that game. I can usually win. I am good at tricking people into saying the word---he he he.

We did a yankee swap. It was hilarious! Our hostess, Sarah, loves to give gag gifts. Oh, I guess I should expain just in case you don't know what a yankee swap is. Everyone brings a gift...nothing too expensive. There is usually a $5-10 limit. You bring it all wrapped up and place it in the pile. Then everyone picks a number from 1 to how ever many people there are. Then the fun begins. Starting with #1 you go and pick a present--open and decide if you like it. If you don't then you can pick anyone that went before you to swap gifts with. The person whose gift you take gets stuck with the one you give them (unless someone swaps with them). There is an array of gifts..from socks to candles to videos...all kinds of things. Well getting back to Sarah's gift. Well it was time for the pastor's wife to go (pictured in the antlers). She picks this beautiful green glittery box. She opens it and pulls out a black---HUGE---GIGANTIC---NEVER SEEN ONE SO BIG---BRA!!!! It was

hilarious!!!!!!! Needless to say, she traded. A little while later, the eldest of the group, a 91 year old great grandmother opened her present. You are not going to believe it but she traded her gift for the bra....she said "maybe I will grown into it someday". Someone then handed her a tissue box so she could "fill in"....she ended up taking the box and sticking it in the bra. We were all rolling with laughter. A bit later another gag gift was open. Inside a coffee mug was a HUGE pair of underwear. Well the great-grandmother ended up taking it out of the person's hand and put them on over her clothes. I thought we were all going to pee our pants at that point! It was good old clean fun. I turned to Connie, a friend I brought with me, and told her it is always the church woman you need to watch out for.

Me along with Wendy (left) and Connie (center)

The rest of the night was spent gabbing and catching up with some ladies I haven't seen in a while.

I am starting to feel better. Today I spent cleaning-cleaning-and more cleaning. Yesterday there wasn't a room in this house that was clean. But now it is down to 2 rooms that need to be done. One is the family room which is mostly clean except for the laundry I have sorted out. Then there is my room---or as my hubby calls it "the black hole". It is the dumping ground for the rest of the house. If someone isn't sure where something goes, or if I need something out of the way until I can get to goes there. I know I won't get to that today and I don't think I will get to it tomorrow either. There is always Tuesday.

Enjoy the pictures of from the cookie exchange.

Ellen won Best Presentation--she was SO surprised!

Ellen's display

Table FULL of Cookies

Wendy enjoying some cookies----Want Some

Best dressed!

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mattswife1990 said...

Hi Judy!

Thanks for stopping by my blog, and for the link to mine! :) I am guessing you found me through the "In a Shoe" blog??

Anyway, my 10 yo daughter & I were enjoying the gag gifts you described! We always call those parties "white elephant" parties... but whatever you call it, sounds like yours was quite a riot!!

When we were on staff with Youth for Christ, we had white elephant Christmas parties. They were always fun. One year, one of the guys had shaved off his big, hairy beard and put it into a nice, innocent-looking cooler. Once someone opened it, they saw they'd inherited Christian's old beard!! We actually wanted the cooler, so we traded for it, but someone swiped it from us before the end of the party. Oh, well! :(

Well, I should go for now. Thanks for visiting my blog. Looks like I'll enjoy reading yours, too! :)

Amy :)

PS--My aunt has adopted a *ton* of kids. She has a website, if you want to check it out: (it's about a new home that was built for them last year... it's quite amazing!) :)