Thursday, November 8, 2007

Today was Co-op

Today was Co-op day. I love co-op. It takes some presure off of me for some subjects I have such a hard time getting to. With co-op I know that my elementary age children are getting science, geography, art and spanish (which I feel is the cherry on the co-op sundae). I will be the first to admit it....I have a hard time doing much more than the 3 R's with my children on a daily basis. It's not that I don't have the stuff do it. I have a good amount of books to read (for history). I have a very good curriculum that I COULD follow (MFW) that DOES include geography, Bible, history, and science. But, besides the first 2 weeks of school, it goes on the back burner. So co-op has been a blessing for me.

Now I know, co-op isn't a good fit for every child. My oldest daughter, for instance, can't handle it. It's not that she can't handle the academic part of it. She can. She is very quite and listens to the teachers. BUT--she is like a sponge. She soaks in ALL that is going on around her and then gives big-time attitude to everyone when she gets home and this can lasts for a couple of days. Then, get her back on track, and we start all over again after she goes to co-op. This isn't something new. She has always had a problem with treating the family awful after she has spent time with others. So now she hasn't gone for the last 3 weeks. And guess what....I see an improvement in her behavior. Please don't feel bad for her. She DOES get socialization. In fact, this is actually special time for her because while I am at co-op with the boys, she gets to stay home with Daddy and her little baby sister. Daddy usually does something special with her (like watch a Strawberry Shortcake video). She is eating up the quality time with him.

After next weeks class I will have to tell you about the class I teach at co-op....High School Biology.


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