Monday, December 10, 2007

One Crazy Week

I can't believe I haven't posted anything in a week! Last week was a very busy week and this week is probably going to be even busier. Emily's 1st birthday is on Sunday and there is lots to do between now and then.
My week at a glance:

Monday- Saturday my oldest has basketball practice. Even though I homeschool he is allowed to play sports for the local high school. Which is a HUGE blessing for us because my son takes sports VERY seriously. I do truly believe that God has blessed him with natural talent in sports and I do believe it will be used for His glory. Oldest DD has dance today and DS #2 has a basketball game.

Tuesday-Both social workers are coming over tomorrow morning. Oh let me clarify that one. We are in the process of adopting little Miss Emily. In every way, shape and form I already consider her mine but it won't be legal until sometime after the new year--not sure when. She has to physically live with us for 6 months before we can file the paper work--which is Christmas Eve. Then after we file the paper work it is a matter of waiting for it to go through and get a court date. I don't mind the social workers at all. We have the same 2 we had when we adopted before so it is more of social visit then anything else. Once they leave 2 children have piano. Early Intervention comes tomorrow for Emily. Considering she was 6 weeks early I think Emily does fantastic. The only things she was behind in was verbal skills and a little in fine motor. She is very quiet especially around people she doesn't know. Ok, back to my day. DH will finish up with EI and I will head for my yearly Dr's visit.

Wednesday is a fun day. My sister, mother, niece, best friend and I are spending the day shopping!!! Girl's day fun all day!! I can't wait for this. I don't care if I have only enough money for lunch in my pocket, I am going out! After being so busy last week and the weekend I just had, I need this girl time more than ever. My oldest also has his first basketball game this day which I am going to miss (which he is not very happy about).

Thursday--Last co-op until January.

Friday--Wendy and I are bringing our daughters to see the Nutcracker and out for lunch. This should be fun.

Saturday--BASKETBALL-BASKETBALL-BASKETBALL!!! There is a game for one of them, practice for both and pictures. YIPPY!! Ok, I said that yippy VERY sarcastically. This is the day that I will be going totally crazy and stressing about the party.

Sunday---PARTY!!!! I can't believe she is already going to be one. When we got Emily back in June, December seemed so far away. But here it is! I am expecting around 50 people at the party. I am just hoping I can make it through singing "Happy Birthday" without crying. Yes, you read right. For some reason, singing Happy Birthday makes me tear up. I think it is because I start thinking about them when they were younger and how fast time is going by. You know, when you are in the daily trenches of motherhood it can be so easy to just wish the day away or the stage they are at. But then, as they get older you look back at that time and wish to be there--holding them again--teaching them to walk--the funny things only a 3 year old would say--things like that. I know that God has intrusted me with these precious gifts of His. With every birthday I feel closer and closer to them not needing me. I know this all sounds crazy. But there must be others that feel this way too?!?!?!?!

Any-who...just keep me in your prayers that I will not only get through this busy week BUT I WILL ENJOY this busy week. I don't want the stress of all this to overshadow the really important memories that are just waiting to be made.


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Glenda said...

Enjoy every mintue while you can.
I never thought my girls being young adults would be so hard.
You raise them to become independent and then they turn around and do just that! With God's help I will adjust to my new life with an empty nest and enjoy the next phase the Lord has in store grandmother someday, in about 10 years!