Friday, November 23, 2007

Alot of Catching up Part 1--Jessica's Birthday

Birthday Morning, crown and all!!!

WOW! I can't believe how long it has been since I have blogged. Life has been a combination of busy and being sick---but I will get to that later. Well since the last time I wrote we had Jessica's birthday. What a great day. I had co-op that day, so while I went to co-op with the boys, Chris brought Jessica out for breakfast with Emily. She got to pick anything she wanted, they sang to her at the restaurant and then gave her a balloon. After that she got to go to Toys R' Us and pick out ANYTHING she wanted. She picked out baby doll accessories. When I got home my niece Laura was there and after she spent time with Jessica it was now my time out with her.

We have a great imagination!

We went to the mall. She had no idea what we were going to do, all she knew was we were going to do three things. 1st we went and got her a new pair of sneakers (very cute pink Sketchers). 2nd we went to Starbucks and she got to get a Double Chocolate Chip Frapuccino---just like Mommy. 3rd we went and got our nails done. She got her toes and fingers painted and I got a pedicure as we both sipped on our drinks. Very girly---very Jessie. After a quick stop at Target we headed home.

We kept it a family party this year. Jessie got to pick out her favorite dinner---brown tacos (we always have chicken tacos, but she wanted hamburg tacos---brown tacos). Then my sister Glenda and my sister-in-law Liza (pronounced Lisa) came over along with my nephew Andrew.

Well I had taken a cake decorating class last month and I was really looking forward to making her birthday cake. Well I ran out of time so thank goodness I had a can of frosting in the cupboard. Just one problem....I forgot to buy candles (or any other decoration). Well my hubby being the "adapt and overcome type" took hershey miniture candy bars and put them on the cake in the shape of the number 7. I kid you not!!! So we sang to her over her candy bar cake and told her to make-believe she was blowing out candles. Everyone laughed...and I guess it was kind of funny (and pathetic too) but you know what....I bet if you ask her about her birthday I bet she would not say it was ruined from the cake. She probably wouldn't even remember the cake unless someone brought it up. I bet she would tell you about the fun she had and how she felt so special. Even though it was embarrassing to me that I did not have candles or a fancy cake it is not significant in the BIG sceme of things. Sometimes we get so bothered by the little details that we forgot about what is really important. I know I am guilty of it. Hope you enjoy the photos!

Jessie with her Auntie's (pronounced ahn-tees) Liza and Glenda

The whole bunch of us


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