Friday, December 14, 2007

Emily's Got Her Ears Pierced!

Today was a BIG day for Emily and her little friend Madison (Wendy's daughter). They went together today to get their Ears Pierced!! Ok, I guess I should start from the beginning. Emily's birthday is Sunday and Madison had her birthday last month. They are about 5 weeks apart. So today started off with Wendy and I bringing our 7 year old daughters to go and see the Nutcracker, HOWEVER, we were running late...VERY late. So we decided to make it just a funny girly day. We brought them for a little shopping and lunch. While at lunch we were talking about how we wanted to get the babies ears done. We thought it would be so cute for them to get them done at the same time. Pictures they would be able to look back on when they get older and think "our parents are nuts". Well, while Wendy went to get Madison I brought the girls to get their nails done---which they LOVED!! Chris met me at the mall with Emily. Wendy was smart enough to have me go first because she knew that if Madison flipped out I would chicken out. I will have to say...I think Emily took it better than ME! She moved some while they were trying to mark her. Then I held her arms down and her head still. With a lady on both sides it was time to go....and 1-2-3...CLICK! IT WAS DONE! Emily cried real tears---they came streaming down her face, but I gave her her bottle (which she was due for anyway) and she stopped. It lasted less than a minute. 5 Minutes later you would have never known it had happened. She looks so adorable. Wouldn't you know, my camera battery was dying so I only got a few pictures from it. Wendy took some. When I get them I will have to post them under a Wordless Wednesday. Here are a couple until then. Enjoy!

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