Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Happy Birthday to my BFF!!!

Today is my BESTEST Friend in the whole world birthday.....HAPPY BIRTHDAY WENDY!!!!! Wendy and I have been friends since we were 11. That is over 20 years. We have been through alot together: first boyfriends, first cars (Putt-Putt was Wendy's first car and it use to get us to school in 12 minutes), weddings, births (and adoption) of our children, the heartbreak of losing a pregnancy, open heart surgery for a 2 day old (Wendy's son Mason....8 1/2 years old now!), park days, field trips...there is just so much we have been through together that I would be writing for days if I wrote it all. I feel so blessed to have a friend, no let me rephrase that, she is more like a sister, in my life. Not everyone is that lucky. I know I can call her up and just BE REAL and she will listen. She will tell me to build a bridge (to get over it) when I need to hear it.

If you are not as lucky as me to have a Wendy, I seriously hope that you will pray that God will bring such a friend in your life. They are precious and few. So here's to you Wendy!!!

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wpimtal said...

I thought I would be nosey and check out your blog. A little birdy told me i was the subject of today's entry. What a wonderful birthday gift!! I think you have it backwards.... everyone should have a Judy!!Thanks...love ya:)