Friday, November 30, 2007

Sick of being Sick!

I am so sick of being sick! Now I don't mean to whine, and I KNOW there are people that are dealing with real illnesses and problems but I just have to tell you...I want to be over this. I have had an upper respiratory "something" going on now for 10 days. I am sick of hacking away, bring up so much yellow "stuff" to the point I start dry heaving, and my sinuses kill. I can't stand laying in bed anymore. It has put a damper on homeschooling this week. I have been trying to do stuff but I can't even say we are going at 1/2 speed. I guess some is better than none. Baby Emily is still a little yucky. I didn't get to post about Thanksgiving. I was sick and my little sweetie had a temp of 104.3. Needless to say, we brought her to the ER and she had an ear infection. She wanted to make sure her first Thanksgiving would be a memorable one.

Yesterday was co-op. The little ones are done until after the holidays but the jr. high and above still have a few weeks left. I teach Apologia Biology to a group of 8 students---one being my son. I have to say....they are a great group of kids. And smart--very smart! They keep me on my toes (especially JoHannah and Luke). They are responsible at home to do the reading and Own Your Own questions and the parents give them the tests. I am there as a resource for them. I go over key concepts of the chapter to make sure they truly understand it and the lab/experiments. We have done microscope work and in February we will start dissections. I know for a FACT that if I was just doing this at home with just my own son we would not be doing it to this extent. It would be very easy to slack off and tell him not to worry about the microscope because of time or not wanting the little ones to get into it. But THIS....THIS is great! It keeps us on track and accountable at home. My son is also taking a Honors English and Logic through the co-op. I feel so blessed by the ladies that are teaching this. God has really put us together in a way to fill in for each others "weakness". All this and it is only our first year doing this.

I am suppose to go to a Birthday Ball tonight with Jessica. Tomorrow I am going to a cookie exchange. I found a recipe on Food Network to *TRY* to make. If it goes well I am going to post it under an online cookie exchange that I found.

Well I hope everyone that reads this has a great weekend.

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