Friday, November 2, 2007

My First Blog Entry!!

I am so excited....This is my first blog entry!!! I have been wanting to start a blog and Kim at Life in a Shoe gave me just the motivation I needed to start one. She is having a great contest through Vision Forum. First prize is $250 worth of VF product. So I did it. Here I am. I am an offical blogger. I hope people with come by, take a look and want to come back again. My life is full of....well lets just say my life is full of stories that can only happen to me! So with out further ado here is my first blog with my wish list for Vision Forum:

#33590 Jonathan Park CD Set $85.00
#72564 The Liberty Doll $89.00
#48982 Beautiful Girlhood Tea Set $55.00
#84332 Passionate Housewives $16.00
Grand Total: $245.00
I am so thankful (even if I am not the one to win) for a contest like this. Go by Kim's blog. I know I have enjoyed it...and I think you will too. . Also check out Vision Forum at . Boy, I hope I did this right for the contest.

Well, not bad for my first post.
Until tomorrow---Toodles,

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