Monday, December 3, 2007

Monday Meanderings

Oh boy, it's Monday. Day is off to a very slow start but I am hoping it is going to pick up speed. This weeks plan:

1. Bible Study/Devotions
I NEED to start on the Beth Moore bible study. I wanted to start it last week but never got around to it.
Spend time daily with the Lord BEFORE starting the day--even if only 15 minutes.

2. Must-do List
Me and my honey are doing our 1 big day of shopping on Wednesday. My mother sleeps over the night before and we leave early in the monrning, go out for breakfast (for energy) and then don't stop until we are done. I need to finish brain-storming some ideas for gifts.
Continue planning Emily's party. Invitations are all written out. Need to mail them today. Need to work on Menu for it.
Prepare for Biology class. I always feel rushed with this. I need to plan better for it.
Organize Emily's clothes.

3. Zone
Master Bedroom. That is the dumping ground for the rest of the house. I need to get in there this week and get it organized and clean.

4. Train them Up
A very wise woman I know that is done homeschooling as told me many times that homeschooling is as much for the parent as the children. This is so true. Usually issues that need to be worked on with homeschooling usually can be traced back to me and something God is trying to work on in me. With that said..this week:
Work more consistently with homeschooling. Last week I was so worried about getting to other stuff besides the basics that I slacked in the basics. So this week I need to prioritize.

5. Menu
Monday--BBQ chicken, Rice and Corn
Tuesday--Taco Tuesday! Taco, Rice, Veggie tray with dip
Wednesday--Roast with chicken, chorico, potatoes, carrots and olives
Thursday--Portugesse soup with Bread
Friday--Auntie Glenda coming over with Pizza and to watch a Christmas movie with the kids.
Saturday--Hot chicken, egg noodles, veggie---Putting up Christmas tree and decorating the house.
Sunday--Chicken Casserole

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