Sunday, November 25, 2007

It's Monday!!! First Monday Meanderings

This is my first Monday Meanderings. You may be asking (as I did the first time I saw this) what is this. Let me explain. Basically it is a list of 5 things or goals I have for the up coming week. An overview. It is to help keep me accountable of what NEEDS to be accomplished this week. There are 5 catagories. I will list them, then the goal or goals for the week. I found this originally on Less of Me-More of Him blog. You can click on it on my sidebar to see her website (which I love). So here goes:

1. Bible Study/ Devotions
Restart Beth Moore's bible study "A Heart Like His". Review week 1.
Pray every morning BEFORE dealing with family.

2. MUST-do list
Plan Emily's 1st Birthday party.
--Guest list
--Send out invitations
--Plan menu

Start planning Christmas shopping list
--Present ideas

3. Zone (Usually this means to break you house down in the areas--Zones--to make cleaning easier and not as overwhelming)

This weeks zone will be a little different. I need to go through the different zones and find all picuters and put them together in one spot and start organizing them. I have pictures in different rooms in bags, on shelves, shoe name it.

4. Train them up
This week, I need to work on something "homeschooly". I have a hard time doing much more than the 3 R's so this weeks goal is to do MFW---a full week!!

5. Menu Planning---Dinners
Monday-- Chicken Bowl. .
Tuesday-- Taco Tuesday. Chicken taco, Rice and veggie tray with dip
Wednesday-- Not-sagna Pasta Toss with Romain salad with Roasted red pepper vinaigrette. Saw this recipe Saturday on 30 Minute Meals by Rachel Ray. Wish me luck.
Thursday--BBQ chicken, Rice and green beans
Friday--Jessie and I are going to a birthday ball. The guys are staying home and having sloppy Joes with fries
Saturday--Steak, baked potato and salad
Sunday--Portugesse Roast with chicken and chorico (which is a portugesse sausage), potatoes, carrots, olives and a surprise dessert.

Have a great week!!




GeorgiaGirl said...

I know you will have so much fun planning the first birthday party. Those are always so exciting. Hope you have a wonderful week.

Daddys Chicks said...

Welcome to the group! I am so glad you are here. Tiany is wonderful and Monday Manderings has been a blessing to my home. I am sure it will be the same for your home. Your little ones 1st birthday is such a special event. You must post pictures if you can. Have a blessed week.

Anonymous said...

What's the chicken bowl? It's sounds like something I might like. I like probably most anything with chicken.

Hope you have a wonderful week!