Tuesday, November 13, 2007

A New Day

I thank God for a new day, a brand new beginning. Yesterday was awful. Not because of the kids or any event but because...well because that is how I felt. I felt poopy! A few years ago I started getting S.A.D. (Seasonal Affective Disorder). Basically what it is---winter depression (even though it doesn't usually wait until winter to start. It usually starts around October). I notice it around the time that days are noticeable shorter and I start feeling better when it is getting warmer outside, the sun is shining and days are getting longer. A few years ago it was really bad. Every time it snowed my husband would find me crying somewhere. The snow made me feel closed in. I ended up doing light therapy and it did wonders. Last year I didn't need it. I had my down days but nothing like the years before. This year I have had a day here or there but I am going to fight this with all I got. No wait! Let me re-word that. I am going to continue getting on my knees and fight it with all GOD has got. His strength not mine.

I am blessed to have people around me that will pray with me and help me through. Last night hubby went to the grocery store for me after he prayed with me. He even took 2 of the kids with him. I talked to Wendy on the phone and she always has such a great listening ear. I emailed my friend Laura and asked her to keep me in her prayers that I am feeling spiritual attacked and this morning I opened up an email back from her, and right there in the email she prayed for me. What a team I have!!

So I am thankful that today is a new day. A day that is fresh, a day that I can give over to the Lord for him to work in me what He choses.

Oh, one last thing. Please keep Heather from Especially Heather (see my favorite blogs) in your prayers. This is a chemo week for her. Stop by her post and drop her a message. I know she will love to hear from you.


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