Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

Well, not so wordless for me.
My niece, Laura, graduated from high school on Sunday.

I am finally getting around to posting about my "Mystery Date" Chris brought be on for my birthday. My birthday was May 13th. On the day Chris took the day off. Wendy came over with 2 of her kids. We had tacos (it was Tuesday after all) and then ice cream cake. The boys had baseball that night. It was a very laid back kind of day. Chris however had something up his sleeve. All I was told was to be ready by 10:30 a.m. on Saturday morning wearing a pair of black dress pants and a top. Chris borrowed my sister's MLC (mid-life crisis) sports car and off we went.

I should tell you here that I get very bad-- EXTREME anxiety traveling. We got into a terrible accident over 15 years ago when I was pregnant with CJ and I have never been the same since. Going beyond my 25 minute radius comfort level is tough for me. It is sad because we live in such a great spot. We are about 1 hour from Boston, Cape Cod and Connecticut and about 30 minutes to Providence and Plymouth.

Sorry, I go off on bunny trails sometimes. Back to the story. On the Saturday I was all ready to go---on time. To my surprise we headed to Boston. Chris brought me to the beautiful Langham Hotel. I knew we weren't staying overnight but I couldn't figure out why we would go there..until I saw the sign....."Chocolate Bar 12 p.m.-3p.m.". Did my eyes see right....chocolate bar? Oh-yes-they-did!! My Honey brought me to my dream----chocolate-chocolate-everywhere!!!! The whole dinning experience was based on chocolate...and I do mean EVERYTHING. They had chocolate soup, crapes, cotton candy, ice cream and atleast 50 different things to try all made with chocolate. And the thing that made this even more special to me is the fact that Chris doesn't even like chocolate!!!!

The Chocolate Bar

My Yummy Plate

Chris and I in the lobby of the Langham Hotel

Park across the street from the Langham Hotel. There is actually a parking garage underneath.

After our delicious time at the Chocolate Bar we decided to walk around Boston a little. I wasn't sure what was around that area. While we were walking we saw this

Carriage ride!! I just had to do this. So we went back into the hotel (which is the picture above) and asked if they knew where the carriage rides leave from. To my surprise we were about a 5 minute walk from Faneuil Hall. I haven't been there since I was 17. First we went on a romantic carriage ride.

Then we headed over to Quincy Market (Faneuil Hall is the brick building in the distance). We had about 1 hour to spend there. First we got character pictures done of the two of us. Then we walked around and watched some street performances. It was great!!

Right before we were ready to leave we went inside the food hall and got some real food (I use the word real loosely). This is one end of the food hall. It has every kind of food you can think of from Clam Chowda (notice how it is pronounced) to pizza, Philly Cheese Steak to Asian.

We headed home. As I was walking around enjoying myself it made me think about how I have let my fear of traveling stop me from enjoying something this wonderful. I asked Chris why he didn't just tell me we were going to Boston to begin with. He said "I knew you would say no." You know what....he's right. That man knows me so well. I love him so much.

This makes post 100 for me!!!

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Angela said...

How AWESOME. Really this post brought tears to my eyes, what a wonderful man! Hold on to him tight! He did a great job planning this one out, huh? It is amazing how we let fear rob us of so many great things, I sure have been guilty of this!