Friday, June 27, 2008

Happy Birthday to My Dad!

Today is my Dad's birthday----69 years old!! My sister and I brought him out for dinner. Just the 3 of us. It is so hard to read him some times. We did get some smiles during dinner which was nice to see. After dinner we came back to my house and gave him a cake with the kids. He was almost in tears. Here's a picture of him with the kids.

That is him actually looking happy. He doesn't say much or interact with the kids too much but I always hear from my sister the day after he comes over how much he enjoyed the kids....GO FIGURE!!! The kids get VERY excited when Grandpa comes over. I think in part because he gives them a "tip" every time they see him ($1 each). This is something my Grandfather did and I love seeing my Father carrying it on.

Before he left he told us that he would like to see us have one more child (most likely through adoption). Chris isn't so convinced. Actually he said he is all set. My opinion....WHAT'S ONE MORE!! I am just leaving it God's hands. If He wants us to have more than He will change Chris heart, not me nagging. He did it for Emily!

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