Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!!

Yesterday I was thinking about how 15 years ago I was pregnant with CJ. Back then, I could never had imagined that all these years later we would have 5 children. I remember thinking about our life and daydreaming what it would all be like. And I would have to admit....our life is nothing like those daydreams......I THINK IT'S BETTER!!!! Oh sure, our life has had many twists and turns over the years. But each one has made us into who we are today.

I have mentioned it before that we were very young when we got married---I was 18 and he was 19. I was 20 when I had CJ and it was a month before Chris turned 21. Boy were we young. Right from the beginning Chris was an AWESOME father.

1. While pregnant with CJ, every night Chris would sing the Barney song "I love you" to him.

2. I had both CJ and Zachary by c-section. With both, Chris stayed at the hospital and took care of them since I couldn't (especially with Zachary. I was so over medicated that I was sick from it. I told them to lower the med but they didn't until the next day. It was awful).

3. When in the military Chris would work 24 hour shifts. He always came home and ate breakfast with CJ before heading off to bed.

4. Years later, he worked 3rd shift. When he would get home he would see CJ off to school and then stay up and spend time with Zachary before heading off to bed. He always got up for the day when CJ got home from school.

5. He learned how to cook. While pregnant I would have a hard time with raw meat. I remember our first Christmas together he made spaghetti because that is all I could handle with the morning sickness. He was a life-saver during nursing school. That is when he really became the chef of the house.

6. He ALWAYS put the kids needs (and mine) before his own.

7. He opened his heart to 3 children that needed a father. The day we met Jessie and Alex it was raining. The social worker pulled up to the house, got out and was trying to get the kids in without getting soaked. Chris saw this, opened up the door, went down the stairs, took Jessie from the social worker, took one look at her and said "Hello Beautiful".

8. He is not afraid to get silly with the kids. He plays statue, horsey ride, 4 squares, jump rope, baby dolls, basketball......he is like the biggest kid.

9. He brings correction and guidance (to even me when I need it).

10. He gets up in the middle of the night with Emily...even if he has to got to work the next day. This is not because he HAS to get up. He CHOSES to. I always wake up if she does. Many of times Chris will have jumped out of bed before my feet even hit the floor. When I do make it out of bed before him I can usually turn around and find him there. I tell him to go to bed. Most days he doesn't. I will sit there feeding her and he will be right there with us.

These are just some of the reasons why I think he is great. Chris grew up most his life without a father figure. I remember when we were engaged talking about kids. He told me "The fact that I grew up not having a father makes me want to be even a better father. I want to give my kids what I never had." I think he has gone way above and beyond that.

I love you Honey!! Happy Father's Day!!

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