Thursday, June 12, 2008

We're Done!!

Yeah!!! Emily did it!!! She went 48 hours hooked up to the EEG. You know what---she did better than we could have EVER imagined. It is amazing what can happen with the power of prayer. Honestly, she pretty much could have cared less about it being on her head or having to carry around a backpack for all this time. The toughed part I would have to say was bedtime. She slept with me. I had a hard time sleeping because of the moving around and worrying about the wires and machine falling off the bed. She was funny 3:30 this morning she was fully awake. She laid there as close to me as she could and would rub my face, give me kisses, stick her finger in my mouth....and she would crack me up because she would try to act like she was sleeping with her eyes closed and a huge smile on her face. When I would pull her finger out of my mouth she would open her eyes and crack up laughing. She finally fell back to sleep at about 5---and so did I.

We should have the results of the test within 2 weeks. Once we get the results the social worker will mail us the paper work we need to sign for the adoption. We will mail it back and then she will submit it. She told us we are looking at August-September for finalization (which is just a formality to us...she is our daughter already in our heart).

CJ has been calling from Alabama. He is having a great time. He comes home next week on Friday. He is going to be heading over to South Carolina for some fun this weekend.

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