Monday, June 30, 2008

Monday Meanderings

I am ready to start another week. CJ is away at camp until Friday. We are going to a wedding on 4th of July. That is about the only set-in-stone plans we have for the week. It is a very nice break. Last week from Saturday though Friday we only had Tuesday night free. All other nights were filled with baseball. Baseball takes a break this week---yahoo!!!!

I STILL haven't gotten far in cleaning out/reorganizing the schoolroom. It is one huge mess in there. I need a different approach to it. I have been trying to get one huge block of time to get in there. I am going to have to look for 20 minute opportunities instead. It is the only way I am going to see progress. I also need to start listing more things to sell on Ebay.

My cooking adventures are going pretty well. I am trying 4 new recipes this week. I would love to make some homemade bread but I have only found recipes that call for a bread machine---which I don't have. If anyone has a easy recipe I would greatly appreciate it!! : )

~Menu this week~

Breakfast: French toast, oatmeal, *NEW*cinnamon rolls, LaMuffins, pancakes

Lunch: Turkey sandwiches, PB&J, Pizza (frozen), pasta, l.o. (left-overs)

Monday--*NEW* Balsamic Chicken wings, Potato salad, corn-on-cob
Tuesday--*NEW* Chicken Quesadillas, veggie tray
Wednesday--Chorico and Fries. Chorico is a Portuguese's sausage. I buy the turkey kind since I don't eat pork. In some parts of the country it is called Chorizo. Instead of using frozen fries like I usually do I will be making the fries myself.
Thursday--*Homemade Pizza*
Friday--We are suppose to be attending a 4th of July Wedding
Saturday--Grill Nite. Chris will do the actually grilling and I will do the sides.
Sunday--Hot Chicken with Rice

Snacks available: fruit, yogurt, pudding, cheese & crackers, cookies (homemade), popcorn, popsicles , ice cream

Have a great week!!!

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Katie said...

It sounds like you have a great week planned, and your menu sounds delicious!! My school room is a disaster too! I am still trying to figure out what in the world I am going to do with it!