Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I Tried Again

Chris had baseball with Zachary last night and CJ had a game too. I stayed home with the other 3 kids and decided to try my hand at grilling. All I can say is I will never again micro-manage my husband while he is grilling. He is the GRILL KING. The two on the right and the top one are suppose to be hamburgs and the two on the left are suppose to be chicken.

This I the food on a plate. I HAD to throw this out and start again. I was able to salvage one piece of chicken for myself.

On a positive note, my potato salad finally came out right for the first time this season (I believe this was my forth attempt). I made 3 new burgers. When CJ got home he took over the grill and made his own. Chris and Zachary ate at the baseball game because Chris was in charge of the snack shack last night.
Tonight I am going to make chicken tacos. This I do know how to make. However, it takes me twice as long to make any recipe then most people. Chris can wipe this meal out in the time it takes to make the rice---about 25 minutes. I am looking at a good hour. I heard I will get faster if I keep practicing.


mattswife1990 said...


Oh, that reminds me of my grilling attempts! While I do the vast majority of the cooking in our house, Matt has traditionally done all of the grilling.

That is, until we moved to Arizona and got a gas grill. He still does most of the grilling, but I have attempted to cook on the grill several times. Some have been successful, and others have been very like your experience in this post!

I do think the gas grill is much more Amy-friendly, though, and I will keep at it. Though I don't mind a bit if Matt volunteers to do the grilling, still! :)

Jamie said...

Very funny! I never grill either! :-) Thanks for the laugh.