Monday, June 23, 2008


I am a little excited right now. 3 great things have happened today.

1. Zachary just got asked to play up a level tonight in baseball.

2. I just got a good used Kitchen Aid mixer for $75!! I have been watching for them on Craig's list. They listed it yesterday for a little more or best offer. I guess I was the best offer. After she emailed me to say yes I noticed the email address looked familiar. Come to find out, they are part of one of the homeschool email loops I belong to. Also, her husband has taught classes to my sons years ago. How funny is that.

3. I, well really my sister, just booked a trip to Florida for me, Jessie and Emily!!! We are going in November with my sister and a friend of hers (who is becoming a friend of mine too). My niece (my sister's daughter) and my MIL both live down there. It will be a great girls time away.

I am looking for a easy recipe for bread. I know one of the blogs I follow posted before pictures of a bread they made. I wish I remember who it was. If it's you...please let me know!!

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