Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Calling all Prayer Warriors!!

Hello my fellow Prayer Warriors.
I come to you with mixed emotions. As some of you may know from reading my blog, Emily needs to be evaluate for seizures. Back in July/August Chris and I noticed that she would have blank staring episodes. We would call her, wave our hands in front of her, clap, make noise and even touch her and she wouldn't respond. This past week, I have noticed on 3 separate occasions her having shaking episodes. All 3 episodes I would notice she was in a bad mood previous to it, shake (all 4 limbs) and then after it stops she is all smiley and in a great mood. This has gotten me nervous because I don't know if this means things are progressing.

I want her evaluated by Children's Hospital. They have satellite offices. I had appointment at 2 different sites. One appointment was set for March 18th and the other April 29 with the hopes that by being on the cancellation list for both we could get in sooner. Believe it or not that was the earliest appointment either had.
But GOD IS GOOD!! He knows are needs. I just didn't feel right about waiting so long for her to be seen since the new situation. I called one of the offices today and they told me they couldn't get me in any earlier but suggested I call another satellite site I have yet to try. Well I am excited to say, the office I called just had a cancellation for tomorrow at 10 a.m.!!! The woman said she just got it and was trying to fill it. I told her that this was a God sent for us and gave Him all the glory.

So now I am dealing with a bag of emotions. Excited that she going to be seen and get to the bottom of what is going on. Sadden that my little darling even has to deal with anything. And ANXIETY over the drive---it is well over an hour away. For anyone that knows me, they will tell you I HATE TO TRAVEL!! I get anxiety over traveling out of my comfort zone (which is about a 30 minute radius).
I come to you with this and ask that you will keep us in your prayers. Wisdom for the medical staff, Emily would handle all this fine (she is not a people person yet), for Me for anxiety over travel, Chris for dealing with listening to me on the drive and for both of us that God will give us peace with the whole situation.

I will update you when we get home tomorrow and know more.
Thank you,

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Letitia said...

I'm sorry I didn't see this in time to pray for your trip. I do hope all went well, and that the tests can give you some answers. I can imagine how scary it would be. Praise God for the earlier appt.
Except for the language, that movie sounds great.