Monday, February 4, 2008

History Has Come to Life!

I am not a big history person. I have a hard time getting into it. My husband for the first 4 years of homeschooling was in charge of this with my oldest son. Now I am in charge of it. CJ (my 14 y.o.) does Switched-On-Schoolhouse and doesn't need me too much for it (only the occasional correction). With my other 3 school-aged children I bought My Father's World. I love the whole idea of the curriculum, however I have a hard time implementing it. This is no fault of the is me. I am trying though.

I figure some history is better than none. We were on George Washington last week (which went into today). I read to the kids a few books, read from Abeka 3rd grade history and planned on finishing today with a movie about General Washington. Today was a slow day (stayed up way to late cheering crying over the Patriots). We watched the movie and then Zachary asked me if I could get a picture off the computer of Washington to color. I liked the idea so I did it. I was feeling like I pretty much failed again with history over this past week. We haven't done really that much compared to what I hear others say they do (most homeschoolers I know LOVE history and could do it all day)...and then I couldn't believe my eyes. Zachary and Alex all afternoon have been playing Revolutionary War! They are actually taking turns being General Washington and the British Army! I am speechless! You truly have to understand this from my perspective. I didn't think I did enough...but they are putting what they learned into practice. I am in awe. I love a-ha moments with homeschooling, don't you?

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Letitia said...

Yes, I definitely love those moments. I am not a huge project person either, but am also trying. I am about to start a study with them on the Revolutinary War from Homeschool in the Woods. It will take us forever! : ) With my older girls, most all of our history was from historical fiction. They loved it, and I learned to enjoy it that way, too. That is still my preferred method.