Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Off days--New beginnings

Yesterday was such an off day. It started out fine. I had such high hopes for the day. It was snowing and all the local schools were closed. When I was working that use to be the running joke every time it snowed "do your kids get snow days?" always asked with a laugh. It always made them speechless when I would tell them "we don't waste our days off on snow days. We are home anyway. We take Sunshine Days. The first 70 degree day we have we take off and do something fun outside as a family (last year was mini-golf)." Sorry...I get off on bunny trails sometimes. So back to the day.

The day started out fine even though I have been fighting a migraine for 3 days (it is dull today). But the day just seemed to turn on a dime and our homeschool day ended before it even began. Days like this make me feel like such a loser and failure as a hs mom. But then last night it came to me....what if yesterdays lesson wasn't about academics but something else? I had prayed in the morning and in my prayers I gave the day over to God. I told Him I wanted His schedule not mine. You know..it's funny. I pray it and then when He does use the day to teach something other than academics I feel like a loser. Why is this? I think that I lost sight of the big picture. I always TELL people that homeschooling is so much more than academics. I tell them character training is more important than math...but do I really believe it? Well yes I do...but I need to be reminded of it sometimes. When you are in the midst of things it is sometimes hard to look at things as a "learning experience". But yesterday was. Not only the kids but me too.

One lesson particular--The kids at different times came up to me to apologize and I was just so upset that I kind of just blew them off. But then at night after dinner Alex (my 5 year old) came up to me to apologize for the day. At first I was going to blow it off but then I was quickly reminded of God's forgiveness. He doesn't sit there when I ask for forgiveness and say "here we go again..yeah whatever". No HE FORGIVES ME! If my Father in heaven is so quick to forgive me who am I NOT to forgive. By the way...I told Alex I forgave him.

So yesterday we only got Math done academically...but I do believe we learned a much bigger lesson. Even I learned a lesson or two. I have said it before but I will say it again...a wise-veteran homeschooler has told me many-many times...homeschooling is as much for the mom as it is for the kids. Isn't that true.

Today WILL be a better day. It is fresh and new. Old things have passed away.


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