Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Heart of the Matter Contest

I love contests...I haven't won one yet but just the idea that I could...I LOVE! This is a good one too. The Heart of the Matter is the NEW online homeschooling magazine. This contest is for a homeschool care package. It is packed with all kids of goodies:
loose leaf binders (2)
paint can w/ number magnets
Oxford Index Card w/ring
index card binder
4 posters
small chalk board
easy view reader
modeling clay
water paint
Lowe's apron (great for art)
365 Days of Celebration & Praise book
Graphic Organizers book
plus more!

I would love to win this. We have had a wee-bit of a hard time getting back in the grove since taking so much time off for all the festivities in December. This could bring a little excitement to our homeschool. Today is the last day for the contest so head of over and enter.


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Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and checking up on me and my pregnancy. I really appreciate that! I know there are a lot of people praying for me and this precious baby girl of ours. We had some wintry weather today so my appointment today was canceled. As of right now, I am still scheduled for the amniocentisis on Monday. Wow - it's almost time! I can't wait!

Hope you have a wonderful day!