Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Update on day

What a difference a day can make. It wasn't perfect...but boy, if everyday could be like this I would take it. Lots of academics got done, attitudes were in the right place (the kids and mine) and ....well it was just great!

Chris is at CJ's basketball game, the 3 middle kids are playing play-doo and Emily is walking---yes walking all over. Dinner is done (I had to switch dinner around between yesterday and today). I put it in the crockpot at 11. I am going to go and straighten up the house for when Chris makes it home.


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Letitia said...

I will be praying for precious little Emily. She's just adorable. I hope you can get in at Children's quickly and get answers.
I've decided that the Lord just has tons of things more important than academics he wants us to learn in our home!! These days I'm surprised if we do have a full academic time. Marissa and I discussed yesterday all of the things, though, that she learns even when she's not "schooling". She was amazed. It's helpful to list those things sometimes. They can learn so much even on those less-than-glorious days, not to mention all the Lord is teaching us.