Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Quick update

I just wanted to leave a quick update about Emily. I ended up cancelling her neurology appointment today. It was just not sitting right with me the doctor's office they set her for her. Living in New England I do have the opportunity to have available some of the finest hospitals in Boston (which is a ride, but well worth it). So I have a request put in for her to be seen at Children's Hospital. I will update when I know more.

Early Intervention came today. She told me that they recommend and send their clients to Children's. That confirmed in me that I was making the right decision. As far as EI is going....she said Emily is doing excellent. We have noticed a big leap in the last few weeks. She is babbling more and trying to walk. She takes on average 4 steps before she falls---sometimes more. Chris and I work on this daily with her.
I must run now....I am doing the joys of Algebra tonight with CJ (we are doing it right now and it is already pass 9 pm)
Thanks for all those who have been praying.


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