Friday, January 11, 2008

Inside Date Night

Last night was inside date night. "What is inside date night?" you may be asking. Basically, it's a night we set aside when we can't get out for a date but we are in desperate need of time together. The plan is simple: feed the kids, put kids to bed, take out for the two of us and a movie. Last night was great. By the time Chris got home with the food I had the 3 youngest in bed. CJ and Zachary watch tv and played DS in the family room. Chris and I went up to our room and enjoyed dinner and a movie. I was very surprised with the was more of a "chick flick"---and hubby picked it out! He got The Nanny Diaries. How relaxing, lying there in bed watching a movie with my honey. We even held hands. Of course the boys came up few times (mostly CJ looking for leftovers) but that was alright. It was funny though, every time they came to the door I told them they couldn't see us because we were on a date. They would laugh and cover their eyes.

The movie: I enjoyed it. A couple of words I could have done with out but besides that it was good. Watching it made me actually think about how glad I am that I am raising my children...ME not anyone else. The premise of the movie is about a girl, Annie, who comes out of college not knowing who she is or what she wants to do. While at the park she get mistaken for a Nanny. So she figures that she would be a nanny until she can figure out what she wants to do. The family she works for are a richy-richy family from the Upper East Side of New York. The mothers have very little interaction with the children and the fathers have even less. The mother loves to leave the nanny notes telling her what to do (or not to do) like the time she asked her to take the kid to a museum because she needed to sleep until atleast noon so keep the kid quiet. The saddest was when the mother decided (at the drop of a hat) she needed a break so she was going to the spa for a few days. While there the child ended up really sick with a high fever and the nanny couldn't get a hold of the mother.

You know what is sad....I know that this was only a movie BUT children REALLY DO LIVE THIS WAY! Can you imagine? I know I couldn't. Yes, my children drive me crazy at times---but I wouldn't want it any other way.

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