Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Prayer Request

Hello fellow prayer warriors----I need you!
Next week, Tuesday, Jan. 8th, we are taking our precious little Emily to see a Pedi-Neurologist. We got Emily on June 24, 2007. We noticed not to long after getting her that she would sometimes have tremors and at other times she would just stare blankly for what seemed like forever but was really for less than 30 seconds. The tremors have seemed to stop but she still has the episodes that she will stop what she is doing and just stare. You try talking to her, wave your hands in front of her and even touch her---and NOTHING. She then snaps out of it and continues on. The Nurse Practitioner (NP) that we see said at first she wanted to give it some time to see if she keeps doing it. As we approached her birthday, Chris and I along with the social workers and the NP have all decided it is time to look further into this (esp. with her prenatal history). Being a nurse my mind runs at 100 mph with things like this. I know what it could be. I know it could be seizures. I HATE even speaking it out there. When I see her having her "episodes" it reminds me of a childhood friend, Barbara. I remember being in the middle of playing with her and her doing the same thing. She got diagnosed with Epilepsy as a child.

So my prayer: that God will lead us to the right Dr's, the right test, the right diagnosis. Also, that God would help Chris and I to deal with it too. As a parent, you don't want you child to be sick or have a chronic medical condition. You rather carry it yourself then see them suffer. This is where I am at. Her having a possible medical problem doesn't make us love her any less or think any differently about her. When I told my father yesterday what is going on and how the social worker want us to find out what it is going on BEFORE we finalize he said "it is too can't give her back now!" Honestly, that WASN'T even a thought. They just want us to find out before we finalize because if something is wrong they can apply for more things for us (our social workers are great, always looking out for us). It was nice to see my father (who is usually a very cold person) show how much he loves her by his comment.

Thank you. I will keep you all up to date.



mattswife1990 said...


Oh, wow, what a scary thing to be dealing with!! :( I will be praying for all of you. I know exactly what you mean about wanting to go through something yourself, rather than having your child go through it.

God can certainly handle it, though, and I'll pray that you feel His hands carrying you through this!

Amy :)

Laura said...

We sure will pray for that little one and your family as well. I'm sure it's a very scary feeling.