Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Week 5--Update

Yesterday I spoke with the doctor's office. To my disappointment my regular doctor no longer does deliveries. Because I have to have a c-section, his partner will do it. I can see the midwife for all visit with the exception of 2. They set up my first visit for February 17th. I let the receptionist know I had some concerns regarding past and current medical history. She said she would pass it along to the nurse and I would get a call back.

To my delight, the nurse called me back within 10 minutes....talk about fast!! I went over past history (see previous post) with her. Because of it I have my ultrasound scheduled for next Wednesday, February 4th. I have two HCG level checks this week, today being the first and again on Thursday. PRAY for my numbers to go up.

As far as current medical history, some things we will just need to keep a watch on. I was nervous before I spoke with her because my regular NP has been watching my blood pressure since October because it has been a little high. I am not on medication for it yet. The nurse told me they will watch it and if it starts to go up they can put me on something. In fact she said they have "lots of meds to chose from for it". I did take something for palpitations and a fast heart beat while pregnant with Zachary.

I did have to chuckle when I did hear that I was considered "Advanced Maternal Age". Are they serious? I am ONLY 35!!!!! They make it sound like I am grandma Moses having a baby here.

I am wondering how the fibromyalgia is going to be through this. I have flare-ups everyone once in a while, especially when I do too much. Rest, diet and exercises are going to be very important during this time. Since I found out on Friday I have been eating MUCH better. I am going to be looking into massage therapy and chiropractic care for myself. I have heard both can have great benefits during this time.

Thank you for your wonderful comments and prayers.

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Glenda said...

Born of your heart or born of you I can not wait to be an auntie again. This is the best news. Of course I love that you are Advanced Maternal Age. You are catching up to me! : )
lyb! (sissy code)