Saturday, January 17, 2009

Room Do-Over

Last weekend Chris was going to wash the dining room rug. As we cleared out the room I said "uugg, I hate these yellow walls. I can't wait to paint them someday." The "someday" became "that day". Yes, that's right. My husband decided right then in there he was going out to buy paint. "But wait!!" I said "When I said I wanted to paint, I didn't mean today!". TOO Late. He had it set in his mind and I could either pick out the color while he did the taping or I could just sit there with my mouth open and watch him do it. I decided to go with the first choice. In all fairness.......I have had the paint swatches since July/August. To me, painting never fit nicely into the schedule.

So here's the before. As you can see, he already did the taping. 2 walls are yellow and 2 are white. That is how the house came. We rent, but the landlord, who lives 1,200 miles away, told us we could paint when we moved in.

This is me figuring if you can't beat him...join him!! Honestly, I did about 3/4 of the wall and then I had enough.

Bye-Bye ugly yellow. Hello Blue : )

The Love of my life.

Zachary and Alex watching the entertainment

And now, for the finished room........
Tah-Dah!!! I LOVE IT!!!

The blue brings out the furniture so much better. BTW, that is my $200 piano you can get a glimpse of and my $190 dining room set. Both from Craig's List.

Now it is my job to find decorations and curtains for the room. I have an idea of what I want for curtains. It is just a matter of finding them. Not sure what I want for decorations.

I do want to end with a big THANK YOU to my Honey. Even though I wasn't for painting "that day", I am so glad we, I mean He did.


Luke said...

like the look.

The Mello's said...

Judy, I LOVE IT!!! Don't you just love the blue and white trim combo?
Great deal on the table and piano...OK, now you can start looking for me on Craig's List...Grand or Baby Grand piano, please.:)