Wednesday, January 28, 2009


That is my HCG level from yesterday. All I can say is WOW!!!! When the nurse called today to tell me the number I thought I was going to fall over when she told me. This is a very reassuring number to me. When I had my ectopic 6 years ago the numbers never got above 400 and that was over a series of 4 tests and about 2 weeks.

All week I have had waves of nausea but today....oh...I am sure you can imagine what happened. Lets just say, I have never been so happy to vomit in my life!!! I know that might sound gross to you, but for me, it was reassuring. You see, with both ectopics I never got sick. With CJ and Zachary.....sick-sick-sick.

I called my sister after I got the numbers in. She was excited to hear the numbers but even happier when she heard I puked. I think her exact words were "Oh, Thank God!"

Please continue to have us in your prayers. Tomorrow, Thursday, is my second HCG level. We are looking for the numbers to go up, preferable double.

Oh good, my honey just came home with sea bands. I am going to try them for the nausea.


Stephanotis said...

Rejoicing with you!

Angela said...

Oh my goodness, congrats! Just checking blogs today and I saw your news-how wonderful! Praying for your numbers to just keep going up and a healthy happy pregnancy.