Sunday, January 18, 2009

Happy Anniversary!!!!

Chris and I are celebrating our 17th Wedding Anniversary today, January 18th!!! I tell the kids, "This is the day we became a family."

Me with my Mom. She gave me away. Doesn't she look so proud.

Me with my brides maids. My sister is the beautiful lady one step below me.

Chris with the guys. My sister Glenda's husband is the first guy on the left.

This last picture is one of my favorites. We are leaving our reception to start our new life together. To me it says "We are outta here!!"
WOW, 17 years!!!! It is mind blowing. Where has the time gone. Sometimes I look around and I can't believe this is my life. I am the grown-up. I am Mom. I am Mrs. ___ (which I still get a kick out hearing). I not only have 5 children but one of them is 15. How did that happen (that is rhetorical of course ; ) It's just sometimes I feel like it was a blink of the eye and I was that girl in the picture above.

17 years brings thoughts, feelings, expectations and what is really important into focus. Here are some things I have learned over the hears:

1. Love is not a feeling but a decision you make on a daily basis to put someone else's needs above your own. (I hate when I hear people say "I love him, but I am not in love with him". What?)

2. Even the most expensive material possessions cannot compare to being held by Chris when being told we lost a pregnancy.

3. "I'm sorry" goes a long way.

4. A shatterproof ketchup bottle WILL break if thrown across a room.

5. Because of #4, I have learned never to throw anything again (or at least have better aim---kidding, of course I am kidding).

6. A bread machine is a great anniversary present.
I love it!!! Funny thing is, if he gave this to me for our, say 4th anniversary I would have probably cried.

7. A house is just a place to hold your possessions. A home is the love of your family, no matter what the address says on the door.

There is no one else in this world that I would rather go through the bad times with. Good times are easy. It is the bad ones that bring out the true character of a person.

I love you Chris. Happy Anniversary!!!!!


wpimtal said...

Happy Anniversary.....I remember the day well....I was fighting with my then "boyfriend"....LOSER!!!!
Glad to see you guys still "like" each other after all these years. I always buy people I like breadmachines!!!!LOL No seriously, I would like one and I am only married almost 12 years!!! Yes, blog world, this is Wendy!!! Does this make me a blogger because I am leaving a comment? Can you tell I had a chai tonight?

mattswife1990 said...

Awww, you made me get tears in my eyes! Marriage is a wonderful thing, isn't it? To be able to share life, the good and the bad, with your best friend. It's a beautiful thing!

Matt & I will celebrate 19 years in May. And our oldest is 15, too... I often find myself wondering how our little baby can have feet that are bigger than mine!

Hope it was a happy day!
Amy :)