Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I LOVE Target!!!!

When I was out last night doing groceries, I swung by the girls department at Target. I have to tell you, since Jessica became a size 7 I have found it harder and harder to find her modest clothes. I mean seriously. Up to size 6 you can find little girlie stuff. Starting at size 7, most of the clothes look like they belong on a 20something going to a night club. It actually disgusts me.

Because of this, Jessie's clothes have been....oh, lets just say we have downsized. She does not have mass amounts of clothes like she use to. In fact, she has gone from being the one with the most clothes to the least. So I am always on the look out......and what a deal I got!!!! All the clothes I got were not only on clearance, but it was take an additional 30% off!!!

Silky PJs --original price 19.99---my final price $3.49

2 Sweaters--each originally $12.99---my final price $2.27 each

Brown shirt--originally 11.99--my final price $2.09
Brown Sweater--isn't actually for Jessie. It isn't her size but I
think I know someone it will fit.
Original price 14.99--my final price $2.62

And finally, drum roll please.....
Pea Coat--I have been eying this all season....
Originally 34.99.....my final price....$6.12!!!!!

Total Original Price---$107.94
My Total----$18.86
That's about 83% off there original price.

Living in New England she will be able to get at least 4 months out of these clothes.
Also, they are size 7/8 so I am thinking so of this may fit her still in the fall. : )

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