Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Mama Mia and Field Trip Fun

Sunday was a Sissy Day. Another words, a day for just me and my sister. I have been calling her sissy for as long as I remember and it has always stuck (even though I am 35 and she is.....well lets just say she is older). We both now use it when we refer to our daughters with their sisters.

So Sunday was just us. I met her at her house and then she drove us to Providence (Rhode Island. less than 40 minutes from my house) to go see.........MAMA MIA!!! Now I know we had good seats because she bought the tickets about 8 months ago, however, I didn't realize how FANTASTIC the seats were going to be. We were in the second row!!! If we were any closer we would have been part of the show : ) We could practically reach out and touch the orchestra. Talking about the orchestra, I could have sat there for the 3 hours just watching them. They were unbelievable. The music sounded like it had to be a recording, and in fact, if I didn't see them playing with my own eyes I might have sworn it was. But nope, it was live. This is us waiting for the show to start. I held out the camera and snap.

We have gone to see other shows before, never with too much luck. You don't believe me. How about we went to see Phantom of the Opera and didn't realize before hand that it ACTUALLY IS AN OPERA!!! I think we both left a little dumbfounded (or at least dumb). We have seen Grease (like the movie better), Phantom, Annie, Sound of Music, and Les Miserables (the sound was horrible). By FAR the best was Mama Mia. We went to see the movie when it came out and didn't really like it (of course she had already bought the tickets for the play). After we watched the movie my Sissy told me she really isn't a fan of Abba. Now she tells me! I was young when they came out. I thought this music was up her ally and brought back memories for----NOT. So I was feeling awful about dragging her to the play. But we both ended up having a great time. She even got up for a short while when they were singing songs at the end (noticed I said short while.) She said it was the best show we have seen and she would definitely go again. I told I would too but she needs to work harder next time to get us in the first row ; ) kidding of course.

Next month we are going to see Fiddler on the Roof. I need to do some reading up on it ahead of time.

After the show we went on a little field trip.....
FINALLY I got to Whole Foods!!! YAHOO!!! I have heard such great things about this place and I have been wanting to go for some time now but never ventured out to go. Since we were already in Providence we headed over there. That place has everything you can think of. If it wasn't for the fact that I was getting hungry I would have stayed longer, taking my time to go through all the aisle more carefully. I can't wait to go back. Sissy told me when I am ready to go back to just let her know. It will be soon.

After our adventure at Whole Foods we went and visited my niece at the restaurant she works at. She was definitely the cutest waitress there. It was slow so it gave her the time to come and sit with us for a while.

It was such an enjoyable day, just the two of us. I can't wait to do it again.

Oh, one more thing. I told my sister that I would publicly acknowledge the great job she did in getting the tickets and I will NEVER make fun of her again for being so anxious about getting tickets---even when the show is 8 months away. She deserves her props...Glenda, YOU DID A GREAT JOB!!! LYB!!! (She knows what that means. It's sissy code)

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Under the Florida Sun said...

Hello there. I'm stopping by via the Happy Housewife.
I saw your comment on her Disney vacation about a big family and if it's good to stay on site.
We live about 45 minutes outside of Disney, we have passes and have been there more then I can count. LOL.
Disney can be REALLY expensive for large families. There are some options but they cost a lot.
There are some really nice hotels around Disney that have family suites that are great. They also usually have free breakfast buffets which can help with the budget.
If I can help in anyway, please feel free to email me.. I love helping people any way I can.