Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Menu Plan Monday on Tuesday

I don't know why I have brain freeze when it comes to making up my menu. I guess it is because I get worried that everyone will get sick of something I am making if I put it on the menu too much. Then there are the meals that when I do put on the menu I know I am going to get an eye roll over. I promised myself I would not go grocery shopping until it was done. Last night around 6:15 I was finally done and ready to head out the door.

Chris is having surgery next week on Tuesday the 20th. I planned next weeks menu too. My plan for next week during his recovery is to keep things as simple as possible. To do this, I will be doubling some of my breakfast meals this week and put them in the freezer. I will also double 1 of my dinner recipes to put in the freezer too. I already have a chicken pot pie in there for next week.

So Finally, with no further ado........

Breakfast (no particular order)
french toast (will make a whole loaf and freeze whatever we don't use)
pancakes (double batch---freeze some)
Bagels with cream cheese

Lunch--when I did my menu I just numbered 1-10 (for the 10 days remaining until payday) and put 10 things down. I will decide each morning what lunch is going to be. Zachary is getting pretty good at making mac & cheese and grilled cheese on his own. I am hoping to someday be able to give over lunch prep to the kids.

Monday---I made a roast with potatoes, carrots, and onions in the crockpot.
Tuesday--Chicken and Beans over Rice (I am making a double batch of this so I can freeze one for next week).
Wednesday--Chicken Chili over rice (this is an eye roll meal)
Thursday--Chicken Fajitas
Friday--busy night. I have my month homeschool meeting and hubby is going to bringing the boys to a hockey game. Sloppy Joes with fries.
Saturday--either Calzones or Pizza
Sunday---Happy Anniversary to Us!! The kids and my mother will be having Hot chicken with egg noodles. Chris and I will be going out to dinner.

I started buying some organics this week. I hope to do a post by tomorrow about how we are going about this. So make sure you come back ; )

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n*stitches said...

I have increased my use to organics also! I have never been to whole foods but Trader Joes is pretty cool too if you have one around. By the way, I have started a new blog called:
I have been teaching highschool science for 14 years at a small private Christian school and feel called to help offer resources and guidance in science education. If there is a topic you are interested in obtaining a new way to introduce, teach, or just need additional activities on - please let me know!

Have a blessed day!