Saturday, December 13, 2008

Yard Pickup

We had some very wet and wild weather this past week. It blew some trash and recyclables all over the yard and street. Yesterday I asked Zachary and Alex to please go clean the yard. Most kids would have just gone outside and walked around the yard and picked stuff up. With Zachary, you never know how a job is going to be done. He brings his creativity to just about everything he does. This is what I saw when I looked outside--

Yes, I know it is December in New England but yesterday morning was very mild (the mid 50's) and he had been in the house up until this point.

Zachary is riding the bike and he had Alex go around picking stuff up and putting it all in the wagon. At some point Alex used the shovel behind him.

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Rona's Home Page said...

Did you get hit with the ice storm?
We were watching the news and they mentioned all the people without electric. Ugh!
Kudos to your son's creativity to problem solving.