Saturday, December 20, 2008

Snowy Weekend

Today is day two of my Snowed in weekend. Yesterday (into the night) we got 12 inches of snow. This is outside my back door.

This is outside my front door.

Well one thing you should know about me.....I HATE SNOW!!!! Yeah, it's pretty on a postcard but besides that, yuck!

I am however, enjoying the fact that I have no plans to leave this house until Monday morning. We are suppose to get more snow tomorrow so I will not be going to church.

Yesterday Chris worked 14 hours. Today he will be doing the same. The kids had a very good day yesterday. I think it is because I kept them busy with activities. Before the snow started I ran to the market (along with a few other hundred people) to pick up supplies for the weekend. No, I did not need milk and bread (which I don't get that whole thing anyway. If you are snowed in what are you going to make with milk and bread? Never been able to figure that one out). I went to the market to buy the rest of my baking supplies. I had already been planning to do some baking this weekend and now I have the perfect snowed in weekend to do it. After the market I stopped at the library and picked up lots of movies (different ones for different age groups) and a couple of books.

Once they were done with one activity I moved them on to the next. They watched Toy Story, colored, made a club, read books, played in the snow, and had hot chocolate with whip cream. The day was fabulous. It wasn't until about 6:30 did things go a little sour. Chris was on is way home and I was finishing up dinner. They didn't have an "activity" to do so they started getting a little wild. Luckily, Chris came home and he occupied them. After dinner we played Gestures. I then let the 3 middle kids sleep under the Christmas Tree. It was a hallmark moment.

The kids are already chopping at the bit to get outside today. It is 19 degrees out right now and it is still a little too early for our neighbors. I am hoping today will go as smoothly as yesterday.

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Sonshine said...

your place does look like mine! Out your front door there is a street in there somewhere, right!?!

Sounds like you have fun weekend despite the snowed in part! :)

Thanks for stopping by! :)