Monday, December 29, 2008

Happy Birthday Zachary!!! The Big 1-0!!!

I can't believe it. Zachary is 10!!! Where has the time gone. Too fast. Double digits already. I thought, since Zachary is 10 I would list 10 things I love about him (in no particular order).

1. His heart. If I am having a bad day, Zachary will try very hard to turn it around. He has been known on many occasions to leave on my bed a piece of chocolate with a note saying how much he loves me.

2. His musical ability. He LOVES to play the piano. At any given point throughout the day you could find Zachary sitting at the piano playing.

3. His creativity. I have never seen a child come up with so many ideas. Give him a box and duct tape and you never know what you are going to get. A few examples: a basket ball hoop. 4 hole mini golf course. Airplane. One of my favorite memories is the time he took easel paper and taped it together to cover a 10x10 area. He then colored in a baseball field...a very accurate baseball field. He then made bleachers with fans, players on the field, and the announcers box. It was incredible.

4. He love for God. He asked Jesus into his precious heart back in August. He faithfully reads his bible every night. He likes to play church and lead the music and do the message.

5. His blonde hair.

6. His way with younger kids.

7. He puts others first. We have come down to the last candy (or whatever) and he has given it up saying he knows Alex would enjoy it or he knows Alex would be sad if he didn't get it.

8. The excitement he gets over birthday's and holidays. I have no idea where he gets that one from ; )

9. He still likes to cuddle.

10. He's Zachary!!!

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Luke said...

Happy Birthday Zachary!!!
(I had a great time at your party)

Hope you're ready for your next piano lesson.(Knowing you, you probably are)