Tuesday, December 30, 2008


I am exhausted!! I feel like I have been going ever since Emily's birthday (December 16th). For the most part I did pace myself. That was until Christmas Eve. I kicked it into high gear and now my body is angry with me. With Fibromyalgia too much stress or being on my feet can cause a flare up. I have been in one since Saturday.

To bring this under control there are a few things I can do:
1. Rest. This one can be a tough one for me. There is a lot to do!!
2. Tylenol and Motrin together. 3 times a day. My doctor originally wanted me to do this every day. NO WAY!!! I know the affects Tylenol can have on your liver. That is why I save this regimen for when I have a flare-up.
3. Eat RIGHT. Too much junk and not enough fruits and veggies. It make a difference.
4. Exercise. Here is where I feel a Catch-22. My body hurts all over. The last thing I want to do is move it. But exercise is proven to help. I am gonna have to start small, maybe just 10 minutes.


The Happy Housewife said...

You are right about eating right. That can really make a difference. Hope you are feeling better soon!

Rona's Home Page said...

I certainly understand having chronic pain. It's a daily struggle for me..going on 9 years. And yes, stress is the worst thing.
Relax and put your feet up. You deserve it.
Happy New Year!

Angela said...

Wow, I don't even have health issues and I'm exhausted. I can't imagine what you go through. You make sure to rest and have a wonderful New Year!