Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Staying out the Way

Trying to stay out of hubby's way today. He is painting our old dining room. The house has 2 different rooms to eat in. One right next to the kitchen and then a "formal" dining room off of that. Even though I have seen my neighbors use it that way it seems to me, that is a waste. Who needs 2 rooms to eat in? I grew up with 1 just fine. And truth be known, I am not really a "formal, look but don't touch" kind of person. With our ever growing family we can use all the room we can get.

The house has 5 bedrooms. Right now we use one room as a "schoolroom" however, we don't do school in there (again a waste). We do school at the dining room table. So instead the schoolroom has become the "mess" room. It has everything from bookcases filled with reference books, art supplies, extra school supplies to baby stuff, my craft stuff, old books and everything in between.

The new plan:
The old dining room turn into the school room. It is on the main floor of the house and everything will be at my finger tips.

Old schoolroom will be turned into Zachary and Alex's bedroom.

Boy's old bedroom will be turned into a nursery. It is the bedroom closest to us.

We are hoping to start moving stuff into the "new" schoolroom this weekend. We are trying to pace ourselves so that way in late August we aren't rushing to switch all these rooms around when I am large and in charge and miserable from the heat.

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