Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Name Game

Soon after we found out we were expecting we starting talking about names for the baby. Girls names we came up with pretty fast and we were able to narrow it down to 2. Boys names, that is tougher.

When trying to think of names we try to keep in mind the names of our other 5 children to make sure there is a flow to all of them. Chris, Zachary, Jessica, Alex and Emily. As my oldest says I have All-American "boring" names. I agree with the All-American, not so much on the boring. But I do have to agree with him on the fact that picking something more unusual would make that name stand out.

Chris came up with Nathan for a boy I was fine with that (it wasn't Jason like I wanted it but I liked it). So we were all set. Nathan for a boy.

Then we found out on April 11th that my niece Laura was expecting her first. How exciting. One of my first questions was if they had a name. Well here is where it became interesting. Come to find out that Laura had picked out Nathan but then heard through her sister, Lisa, that I had also picked Nathan (don't forget, we didn't know Laura was pregnant even though she is further along than me). Laura, than out of respect for us, changed her boy choice to Isaac. I mentioned to her that day that if we should have a girl she could always use Nathan.

On Wednesday both Laura and I had doctor's appointments (same doctor, her appointment right after mine). That morning while getting ready I started thinking about the name Nathan and how Laura wanted it and changed it because of me. Come to find out, Chris was thinking the same thing. On our way to the office Chris brought it up. He said that he thinks we should give Laura "Nathan" if she is having a boy. He feels that this being her first, she should get the chance to name the baby anything she wants. Also, he was impressed with the fact that out of respect for us she was changing it.

At the office, after all the exciting of seeing each other, Laura asked me if we have a girl if she could use Nathan. I told her that we decided no matter what she could use Nathan and why. She started crying in the doctor's office (which was followed by me crying-----HORMONES). She then preceded to call baby Nathan's grandparents-to-be and tell them his name. After seeing how excited she was it confirmed to me that we made the right decision in giving up the name. The moment was precious.

So now we are on a hunt for a boys name. I think we have one (which we are not sharing at this time). Still no middle name. We will know soon enough if we are having a boy or girl. I can't wait!!!!

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