Saturday, April 18, 2009

Doctor's Appointment Update

Wednesday I went to the doctor's for my 16 week appointment.
Blood Pressure--128/70

While the morning sickness is FINALLY better (almost non-existing), two other issues have arised. First, my blood sugar keeps dropping. I am talking about, if I wait 3 hours between eating it is low and I feel horrible. I find morning gives me the biggest problems. I will eat breakfast and then get busy with the day. By 11-12 I am down. Luckily, my appetite has picked up----ALOT----and I don't usually have as much of a problem in the afternoon Though yesterday it dropped 3 times!! I felt like all I did was eat-eat-eat. I told Chris that is my new hobby---eating.

The other problem I am having is my heart rate keeps racing up past 100 (even when sitting doing nothing) and short of breath. This also happened with when I was pregnant before. That time I put on a wrist monitor that recorded my heart rate (which would sometimes reach 145 at rest) and did an EKG. I was also put on medication for it. I have an appointment in a few weeks with a cardiologist. Until then, I am *trying* to take it easy.

I am finding out on my birthday, May 13th, if we are having a boy or girl. I can't wait. Now to decide on a name. We have it narrowed down to 2 girls names. We have not settled on a boy name and we have no middle names.

I am feeling better with my self image. I am feeling more pregnant than fat. Here is this weeks picture.

17 weeks and growing...

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